Studio Play

Part of the Gallery One experience is a family-friendly space known as Studio Play, designed for the enjoyment of our youngest visitors with an adult. This bright and colorful space offers everyone a chance to play and learn about art. Hands-on activities like mobile and sculpture building stations where you can create your own interpretations of modern sculptures by Calder and Lipchitz, plus the line drawing on a big touch screen offer something for everyone. Come try your hand at one of these activities or the many more available in Studio Play!


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I leave my child to play while I explore the museum?
Studio play is a place for families to play together. This space is not designed for children who are unaccompanied by an adult.

How long can we spend in Studio Play?
Studio Play is a space with the needs of families in mind. The space is designed to allow for a range of visits. You might find that your family needs 15 minutes to relax before going into the galleries. On other occasions, your family might be seeking something to engage you for a full hour.

Can we bring our snacks into Studio Play?
As there is art in Gallery One, there are similar rules as in the other museum galleries. Food and drink are not allowed in Studio Play.

How often do you clean Studio Play?
We clean every evening and give the space a thorough sanitization weekly. Two restrooms are located nearby for your family to wash hands when needed.

Can I bring my stroller into Studio Play?
Certainly. Because space is tight, we offer stroller parking inside, just to the left of Studio Play’s entrance.

Where are baby-changing stations?
Baby-changing stations are located in the restrooms in the atrium and on the basement level, just down the stairs from Studio Play.

Are there any special events in Studio Play?
We offer a story time program called Art Stories during our Second Sunday family days. Art Stories is offered twice on those monthly Sundays at 11:30 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., and is best for children ages 3-5 and an accompanying adult.

I’ve done it all. Will Studio Play ever change?
Certain interactives may change periodically, but look for smaller changes in the “Create” Gallery and Inspiration Landscape. We will change media on the drawing horses, add books and toys to the collection, and periodically offer drop-in studio activities.

Can my child’s school visit Studio Play?
We currently do not have the resources to accommodate groups of over six. The museum does offer experiences for preschool and school classes in the museum’s galleries and in the studio classrooms.