Photo: Stuart Pearl
  • Photo: Stuart Pearl

Friends of Photography

Friends of Photography (FOP) invites individuals who are interested in photography and dedicated to the growth of the Cleveland Museum of Art's photography collection to join its membership. FOP strives to cultivate knowledge of the art and history of photography, to promote personal collecting of the medium, and to generate funds with which to acquire photographic-based works for the museum.

For its members, Friends of Photography sponsors lectures by internationally renowned photographers, critics, and curators, and hosts intimate meet-and-greets with distinguished artists and dealers throughout the year. FOP also arranges visits to private collections and artists' studios, and organizes behind-the-scene trips to regional and national museums, galleries, and art fairs to provide opportunities to view examples of excellence in the medium.

The highlight of each year is the Friends of Photography's Annual Meeting. At this event, members' votes decide which photographs will be purchased with FOP funds. The initial selections are gathered by the museum's curator of photography, and after the final tally of votes, the chosen works enter the Cleveland Museum of Art's collection.


  • $75 Student
  • $75 New Member
  • $100 Individual
  • $150 Household
  • $250 Patron

To join or for more information, contact Misty Mullin at 216-707-2669 or