The Cleveland Museum of Art strives to be a model of cultural and intellectual excellence, attracting scholars on a global level, and promoting and facilitating scholarly endeavors locally. Countless curators and conservators have trained, studied, or apprenticed at the museum, where their interaction with an unequaled collection has resulted in some of the finest and most creative conservators and curators in the world.

The Cleveland Museum of Art houses extraordinary collections of works of art. The organization, security, preservation, research, and presentation of these collections is supported by the work of many individuals and teams from the museum’s conservation, curatorial, education, library, design, exhibitions, and collections departments. The museum distinguishes itself through the caliber of these art professionals, who are some of the most highly respected and talented individuals in the country.

Art and science meet in the museum’s conservation labs. Here you find conservators with specializations ranging from paintings to sculpture, antiquities to contemporary art, medieval manuscripts to tapestries and Asian folding screens. The conservators possess deep knowledge of artistic materials and techniques, treatment methodology, and ethics of conservation. Their mission is to study, preserve, and restore physical works of art in the collection and the works of art traveling from other museums and collectors worldwide.

Library and Archives
The Ingalls Library and Museum Archives are intellectual assets whose value is priceless and whose collections are essential to advancing scholarship and ensuring artistic excellence. The library is ranked among the top three largest art research libraries in the nation and the collection remains one of the finest in the world. The Ingalls Library and Museum Archives is poised in an excellent position to move forward within the dictates of the museum’s broader vision, and serves as a leader within the world of art museum libraries in terms of technology, services, innovative programming, and research.

The museum’s creative services and publications departments design and produce hundreds of projects a year. Whether compiling exhibition catalogues, books highlighting the museum’s collections, or scholarly periodicals, the creative services and publications departments offer a deep source of talent and experience.