• Melencolia I, 1514. Albrecht Dürer (German, 1471-1528). Engraving; 23.8 x 18.6 cm. Gift of Leonard C. Hanna Jr., in memory of Ralph King 1926.211

Angles and Answers: Origami and Math

Grade Level: 
Student Level: 

Students reinforce their knowledge of geometry and recognize attributes of two- and three-dimensional shapes through an examination of selected geometric-themed works from the museum. Concepts are applied as students create original origami figures in the shape of a ladybug and a box during the videoconference.

Program Format: 
  • Introduction on meaning and history of origami.
  • Discuss how origami relates to math (polygons, angles, etc), as do other types of art.
  • View selected museum art works and discuss the mathematical symbolism.
  • First origami project - students fold ladybugs.
  • Time permitting, view/discuss additional works of art.
  • Second origami project - students fold boxes.
  • Name and identify geometric vocabulary.
  • Use technology to communicate and process information.
  • Apply concepts of geometry to create art.
  • Identify a variety of shapes and angles.