Gallery Exploration Topics

Please note that all school groups (including self-guided groups) must register using the online form.

Gallery Explorations provide an hour-long gallery experience that includes close looking, questioning strategies, and interactive hands-on activities. Tours are conducted by trained volunteer docents and staff in the Department of Public and Academic Engagement. Available topics are listed below. 

A Rainbow of Feelings (Prekindergarten & Kindergarten)
Artists convey emotions in many ways, through carefully crafted facial expressions to their use of color. Practice empathy as we identify and explore different feelings.

1, 2, 3 . . . How Many Do You See? (Prekindergarten & Kindergarten)
From buttons to boats, there are many things to count at the museum! Use the collection to practice counting and simple addition and subtraction.

Look and Discover (Kindergarten–12th Grade)
Explore the museum’s galleries through this general introductory tour encompassing artwork across various styles and cultures. Put yourself into the scene and describe what you see, and learn how to develop your own interpretations of artwork.

Lines, Shapes, and Sculptures (Prekindergarten–3rd Grade)
Explore the basic elements of art, such as line, shape, and color, and what happens when an artist decides to make an artwork that is not flat.

Animals in Art (Prekindergarten–3rd Grade)
Discover real and imaginary animals in the museum’s collection. 

Stories (Prekindergarten–5th Grade)
Using the basic components of a story, such as character, setting, and plot, explore how artists express a narrative in visual form.

American Art and History (4th–12th grade)
Discover paintings, sculpture, furniture, and decorative arts to learn about daily life during the colonial period to modern times. Themes range from the Revolutionary War to Cleveland and northeast Ohio. Please indicate your curricular needs when registering for this experience. 

Ancient Cultures from Around the World (4th–12th grade)
Uncover ancient civilizations through primary sources that help us understand daily life, ritual, literature, and the emergence of writing. 

Foreign Language: French or Spanish (4th–12th grade)
Explore the museum’s collection with a guided experience in French or Spanish.

Medieval and Renaissance Worlds (4th–12th grade) 
Explore medieval and Renaissance life by engaging with art made in these time periods. 

Places, Spaces, and Community (4th–12th grade)
Explore architecture, specific regions, or imaginary settings, as well as the artist’s motivation for choosing these settings, to enhance stories, create mood, and depict locales throughout history.

The Modern World: 19th Century to Today (4th–12th grade)
Consider artists’ choices in response to transformations in 19th- and 20th-century life. Explore how technology and societal changes can affect expression.

Design Thinking: Chairs (5th–8th grade)
Can you build something that’s both functional and beautiful? Analyze chairs in the museum’s collection and build your own model using the design-thinking process.

Design Your Own Exhibition (9th–12th grade)
Explore what it takes to develop an exhibition, then create your own. This experience is 90 minutes long.

Special Exhibition
Experience one of the museum’s special exhibitions through an interactive guided experience. Please note that some special exhibitions are not available for school and group tours. 

Special Request
Do you have a classroom project or theme that you want to explore at the museum? Register for a guided special-request experience. Please provide a brief summary of your project when registering.

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