CMA-CWRU Joint Program

The joint program in Art History and Museum Studies offered by Case Western Reserve University in association with the Cleveland Museum of Art provides students the opportunity to study the history of art and prepare themselves for careers in the museum field using the resources of a major research university, one of the country’s finest general art museums, and the Ingalls Library, the third largest art museum library in the country. Established in 1967, this unique program has proved to be of great value to the university in its efforts to attract and retain outstanding students in its graduate program in Art History and has enabled the museum to provide comprehensive training for several generations of museum professionals.

The Ingalls Library provides the following services for the students and faculty in the Joint Program.

Research Consultation

Each graduate student is assigned to a member of the Ingalls Library reference staff who is able to assist with long-term research needs. Appointments may be scheduled to discuss research methodologies, the use of specific reference sources, problems encountered in research projects, etc.

Answers to short, factual questions should be directed to the Ingalls Library reference librarian on duty. The reference desk is staffed at the following times:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Wednesday 10:00 a.m.–7:30 p.m. (during the academic year)

Circulation Policies

The Ingalls Library is a non-circulating art research collection. CWRU art history faculty and students are given swipe card access to the library stacts after fingerprinting and a background check. Procedures for using the library stacks are included in the Student Orientation brochure. Students and Faculty are assigned shelves to which books may be signed out for the semester. All books held on shelves must be signed out. All signed-out books must be returned to the shelf by the end of each day and books that are no longer needed should be returned to the circulation desk.

Scanning Photocopying, Printing

Students and faculty are responsible for adhering to all copyright obligations.

Personal flatbed scanners are not allowed in the library. Flash drives are available for purchase in the museum store. Oversize and rare materials as well as items in fragile condition may not be scanned. The scanners are not meant for scanning large quantities of images or text.

The Ingalls Library provides several scanning options for CWRU students.

A book edge scanner is located in the library reference room. Scanning of bound materials is limited to this machine. Instructions are posted. Please ask at the reference or circulation desk if you need assistance.

A flat bed scanner is provided behind the circulation desk for scanning documents, photographs, and slides. This machine is also loaded with Photoshop software to facilitate the creation of course materials. Ask at the circulation desk for assistance.

All scanned materials can be sent via a library OPAC to the black and white printer at the reference desk (2055DN) or the color copier (C250Biz or ColorLib). Cost for printing is 10 cents a page for black and white and $2 a page for color. Scanning and printing off the glass on the library printer is available for quick copies, but not ideal. Book edge scanning is recommended to preserve the books.

A black-and-white/color photocopier is available in the library. Black-and-white photocopies are 10 cents each (8.5 x 11) or 25 cents (11 x 17). Reductions and enlargements are 25 cents.

Color photocopies are $2 per image. Color print-outs from the reference desk are available for $ 2.00 per image.

Each photocopier accepts $1, $5 and $10 bills. IOUs are not accepted for photocopying; personal checks are. Magnetic cards are available for purchase at the reference desk. Funds may be added repeatedly to the card to a limit of $20 each time. When photocopying a large number of pages, please allow those with fewer than five copies to interrupt.

Library Seminar Room

The Library Seminar Room may be used by CWRU ARTH faculty and students for classes, meetings, etc. Arrangements to use the room should be made in advance, with the library’s administrative assistant. Library materials may not be used in the seminar room. Lidded beverages are allowed. Food is not allowed. Instructions for logging into the museum’s network are posted on the placard on the table beside the lap-top computer. Assistance with the lap-top, etc. is available from the CMA Help Desk at 707-2555.

Library Lounge

A lounge area furnished with comfortable reading chairs and tables is located on Level 2. This area may be used for group study, conversations with faculty and colleagues, etc. Library materials, however, cannot be used in this area. The use of cell phones is allowed in this area and beverages in lidded containers may be brought into the lounge area. Food is not allowed. Please consult the 2013 Student Orientation Brochure for additional information on hours, services, and policies for those in the joint program.