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Amita (Amitabha) Triad, 1400s

bronze with traces of gilding, Overall: 40.60 x 16.50 x 54.60 cm (15 15/16 x 6 7/16 x 21 7/16 inches). Worcester R. Warner Collection 1918.501

This rare bronze triad from the fifteenth century shows Amitabha, or the Celestial Buddha (Amita in
Korean), in the center. He is flanked by two attendants, Ksitigarbha (Jijang Bosal in Korean) on his left and Avalokitesvara (Kuaneum Bosal in Korean) on his right. Jijang is responsible for the instruction of all
beings until the appearance of the Maitreya Buddha, or Buddha of the Future. Kuaneum is Amita’s most compassionate agent, aiding those on their journey toward the Western Paradise of the Pure Land Buddhist sect. The three figures are shown on lotus seats with their hands in a gesture of blessing. This sculpture would have likely been placed in front of a large mural depicting the Western Paradise.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, NY (3/17/2009 - 6/21/2009): "Korean Art in Early Choson, 1400-1600"

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