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Vase with Golden Pheasants, 1736-1795

porcelain painted in polychrome enamels over transparent glaze, Diameter: w. 7.30 cm (2 13/16 inches); Overall: h. 3.50 cm (1 3/8 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1971.145

The flower-and-bird painting in this vase was intricately executed in colored enamels, with careful modeling, shading, and blending of colors reflecting European influences through missionary-artists at the Qing court. The Jesuit artist Giuseppe Castiglione (1688-1766), in particular, exerted tremendous impact at the Qianlong academy.

The World of Ceramics - Masterpieces from The Cleveland Museum of Art. CMA 6/30-9/5/1982. Catalogue edited by Jenifer Neils, essay by Sherman E. Lee (CMA, 1982) no. 136.

The Cleveland Museum of Art (06/28/2009 - 08/30/2009); "Streams and Mountains Without End: Asian Art and the Legacy of Sherman E. Lee at the Cleveland Museum of Art"

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