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Raft Cup, 1345

hammered silver soldered together, with chased decoration, Overall: h. 16.00 cm (6 1/4 inches). John L. Severance Fund 1977.7

The silver cup is based upon the theme of Zhang Qian, a traveler and Daoist transcendent, embarking on his journey to the Milky Way. Here, he sits in a raft in the form of a tree trunk, holding a tablet in his hand. In absolute freedom he exposes his chest and raises his head, totally transfixed by the wonders of the universe. While serving a functional purpose, this raft cup expresses the artist’s imagination of Daoist freedom and the search for mystical oneness with the universe.

signed and dated

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The Cleveland Museum of Art (06/28/2009 - 08/30/2009); "Streams and Mountains Without End: Asian Art and the Legacy of Sherman E. Lee at the Cleveland Museum of Art"

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