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Portrait of Ozora Buzaemon, 1827

hanging scroll, ink and color on paper, Image: 221.80 x 117.80 cm (87 5/16 x 46 3/8 inches); Overall: 256.80 x 131.00 cm (101 1/16 x 51 9/16 inches); with knobs: 256.80 x 140.50 cm (101 1/16 x 55 5/16 inches). Leonard C. Hanna, Jr. Fund 1980.177

At 7 feet tall, Ozora Buzaemon became a tabloid sensation when he arrived in Edo (Tokyo) in mid1827. His handprints were cherished souvenirs, and his image was hawked in woodblock prints.
He was treated essentially as a sideshow freak. As inscriptions on the scroll detail, the scholarpainter
Kazan met Buzaemon at the residence of noted Confucian scholar Sato Issai. Using a camera
obscura-type device, Kazan captured Buzaemon’s image on a quiltwork of paper patches, making
a preliminary drawing that would later be turned into a finished painting. This sad portrayal depicts
Buzaemon’s inherent discomfort in his imposed roleas entertainer-unlike the bombastic, hyperimagined
caricatures found in the broadsheet prints that hyped his arrival in Edo.

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