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Sake Flask, 1500s

black laquered wood with grape designs painted in red lacquer, Diameter: w. 24.00 cm (9 7/16 inches); Overall: h. 30.50 cm (12 inches). Seventy-fifth anniversary gift of Mitsuru Tajima 1991.47.2

The grape design painted on these wine flasks reflects the popularity of grapes and wine during
the Muromachi period; Japanese Zen clerics enjoyed grapes during this period, and Ichu Tsuzo (1349-
1429) and Saiin Shunsho (1358-1422) wrote poems about their appreciation for other artists’ grape ink
paintings. On these wine flasks, the vividly brushed leaves and bunches of grapes suggest that the artisan referred to a particular grape painting. [Seunghye Sun, Cleveland Museum of Art, (3/27-8/28/11); "The Lure of Painted Poetry"]

Cleveland Museum of Art, 1991: Notable Acquisitions.
Cleveland Museum of Art, 1991: The Triumph of Japanese Style: 16th-Century Art in Japan.

Cleveland Museum of Art, (3/27-8/28/11); "The Lure of Painted Poetry" cat. no. 74b.

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