Yoga Narashimha, Vishnu in His Man-Lion Avatar (detail), c. 1250. South India. Bronze; h. 55 cm. The Cleveland Museum of Art, Gift of Dr. Norman Zaworski 1973.187

Visualizing Yoga through Architecture and Landscape

Friday, August 15, 2014, 6:00 p.m.
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation Exhibition Hall

Treatises on yoga are best known for their detailing of philosophy and laying out of yogic asanas (postures). However, many yoga texts, particularly from the tenth century onward, contain select passages describing ideal settings for ensuring successful practice. Among the most commonly found are secluded places, including forested groves, mountain caves, remote huts, auspicious temples and delightful hermitages. This gallery presentation by Tamara Sears, Assistant Professor of the History of Art at Yale University, will examine the many ways in which such idyllic landscapes and rustic dwellings were beautifully evoked through sculpture and painting, not merely as a backdrop for yoga, but as an essential component of yogic practice.

Free; exhibition ticket required. Meet in the exhibition.