Visiting with Young Children

What can I do?

Part of the Gallery One experience is a family-friendly space known as Studio Play, designed for the enjoyment of our youngest visitors with an adult. This bright and colorful space offers everyone a chance to play and learn about art. Hands-on activities like mobile and sculpture building stations where you can create your own interpretations of modern sculptures by Calder and Lipchitz, plus the line drawing on a big touch screen offer something for everyone. Come try your hand at one of these activities or the many more available in Studio Play!

What’s that?

Preschoolers are curious! Exploring treasures together will excite that curiosity and set the stage for the most amazing conversations! Our staff members understand children’s exuberance and are happy to answer your child’s questions.

I want to touch it!

Children can easily grasp the concept that an art object could be damaged if everybody touched it. Preparing them ahead of time to speak in calm voices and look with eyes and not hands helps them to understand how special our art treasures are.

What is that made of?

This question can lead to a discussion of different materials you may have in your home, and how artists use many ordinary things to make extraordinary works of art.

Why is the sky blue (red, yellow, etc.)?

Explain to your child that artists use their imaginations when creating their works, so we can be free to use our imaginations when viewing them.

I’m tired!

Small children tire easily. Strollers are welcome in the galleries and we have a limited supply at the coat check in the north lobby if you have forgotten yours. “Baby backpacks” are not permitted. Try to time your visit when your child is fresh and rested. Plan to stay no more than 45 minutes, so you will leave before interest lags. Rest on a bench or the floor in a gallery and talk about a special object. All levels are accessible by elevators. Parking is safe, close, and convenient.

I need to go to the bathroom!

Convenient facilities, including changing tables, will help make your visit to the Cleveland Museum of Art a pleasant one. Just ask the closest guard.

I’m hungry!

When you and your child are ready for a break, Provanence Café is stocked with child-friendly treats. High chairs are available.

I want to go back!

Come as often as you like! Admission to the galleries is free, except for certain special exhibitions. There is always more to see at the Cleveland Museum of Art!