Friday February 21, 2014
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Cleveland Museum of Art Dashboard now available online

exterior of the CMA building

A combination of informative and fun facts about the museum gives an insider perspective

CLEVELAND (February 21, 2014) – The Cleveland Museum of Art announces its new online feature: a museum dashboard comprised of rotating sets of information exploring numerous facets of the museum’s work and history. The dashboard highlights six categories: Our Building; Our Community; Our Collection; Our People; Our Supporters; and Our Visitors. Each category contains a combination of informative and historical facts, along with more entertaining and “behind-the-scenes” knowledge, giving the community an insider’s look. The dashboard’s home page pulls facts from all the categories and rotates every few seconds.

“We wanted to provide an additional platform for our visitors and the public to learn about the museum,” said Fred Bidwell, interim director at the Cleveland Museum of Art. “The dashboard offers the opportunity to present compelling data and fun facts in a manner that is easy to comprehend at a quick glance, but will also link you to other pages if you would like additional and more in-depth information about any topic.”

The museum will modify the information as statistics and updates become available. Categories like “Total Works in the Collection” will change as new art acquisitions are made and “Last Month’s MIX at CMA attendees” will be updated each month as attendance figures are confirmed, for example. Presently, there are nearly 70 facts in total included in the Cleveland Museum of Art Dashboard, with plans to add more content over time. In addition, statistics can be queried using the “Find a Stat” box next to the category dropdown menu.

The Cleveland Museum of Art Dashboard may be found under the “About” section in the navigation bar at the top of the homepage. will take you directly to the dashboard web page.

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