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Medium: Album leaf, ink on dyed paper (2)
Medium: Album leaf, ink on dyed paper (2)
Title, DateArtist / CultureAccession numberMediumDimensionsCredit lineRights
Portion of Text from the "Wisps of Cloud" (Usugumo) Chapter of The Tale...
Japan, Edo period (1615-1868)
1933.455album leaf; ink on dyed paper with gold23.3 x 21.3 cm (9 3/16 x 8 3/8 in.)Edward L. Whittemore FundCCCC0
Text of the Perfection of Wisdom (Mahāprajñāpāramitā) Sūtra
China, Tang dynasty (618-907)
1933.454Album leaf, ink on dyed paperOverall: 26.2 x 9 cm (10 5/16 x 3 9/16 in.)Edward L. Whittemore FundCCCC0