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Medium: Lacquered wood with color and gold (5)
Medium: Lacquered wood with color and gold (5)
Title, DateArtist / CultureAccession numberMediumDimensionsCredit lineRights
Repository for the Great Perfection of Wisdom Sutra and Eleven Volumes...
Japan, Heian period
1969.130Lacquered wood with ink, color, gold, cut gold, and metalworkHeight: 160 cm (63 in.)John L. Severance FundCCCC0
Shoulder Piece for a Gigaku Costume in the Form of a Dragon Head
Japan, Kamakura period
1979.48Lacquered wood with color and goldOverall: 17.5 cm (6 7/8 in.)Andrew R. and Martha Holden Jennings FundCCCC0
Writing Box (Suzuribako) with Hydrangea at Night
Japan, Shōwa period
2020.67Lacquered wood and silver with gold, silver, and color sprinkled powder (maki-e)5.4 x 23.1 x 25.3 cm (2 1/8 x 9 1/8 x 9 15/16 in.)Lillian M. Kern Memorial Fund©
Japan, Kamakura period
1952.90Lacquered wood with color, gilt copper and cut-gold (kirikane)With base: 76.2 cm (30 in.); without base: 55.9 cm (22 in.)John L. Severance FundCCCC0
Buddha of Infinite Life and Light (Amida Nyorai)
Kōshun (Japanese) and 2 others
1960.197Cypress wood with lacquer, color, gold, cut gold, rock crystal inlaid eyes, and quartzOverall: 94.6 cm (37 1/4 in.)John L. Severance FundCCCC0