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Follow the museum on social media
Caroline Guscott and Christopher Moore, Communications and Marketing
April 17, 2017

About 1.2 billion people use Facebook every day, while 600 million use Instagram and 313 million use Twitter; you know it’s true because you see them doing it.1 From people commuting to work on the train hunched over their smartphones to couples ignoring each other in favor of notification bleeps on date night, social media is firmly entrenched in daily life. In fact, a Nielsen report states that Americans ages 18 to 34 spend about 25 hours on social media each month, while Americans ages 35 to 49 spend just under 28 hours.2 Having a voice across these platforms benefits the Cleveland Museum of Art. Social media allows the museum to reach not only you, our members, but a worldwide audience, cultivating awareness and appreciation of the arts.

Through social media channels we’re able to speak directly to and engage with our audience, sharing everything the museum has to offer. From special exhibitions and gallery talks to concerts, tours, and films, something is always going on here.

Unable to attend MIX on Friday night? Check Instagram to see images posted in real time from the event. Want to see behind-the-scenes previews of an upcoming special exhibition or the latest round of newly acquired artworks? Visit us on Facebook and Twitter where we share details about breaking news and daily life at the museum.

Our social media channels are not only a source for sharing up-to-date information, but also a place for conversation. Perhaps you’re interested in what people are saying about the exhibition Brand-New & Terrific: Alex Katz in the 1950s? Simply search the hashtag #CMAkatz across Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram for posts on the show—from both the CMA account and visitors.

Follow us on social media and watch the pages of Cleveland Art for updates.

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#CMAonthemove Instagram Contest
The museum’s dynamic permanent collection is always changing. To see images of new works on view and works on loan to other museums, simply search the hashtag #CMAonthemove on Instagram. To spread the word about #CMAonthemove, we ran a contest in which visitors took photos of artworks and posted them to their Instagram accounts using the hashtag. Here’s what our contest winner, Kendra Philon, has to say about the museum.


What do you do for a living?
I work for Meaden & Moore where I’m a senior manager in the assurance department and a CPA, a.k.a. (to some) a boring accountant.

How did you learn about the #CMAonthemove contest? 
I saw it on the museum’s Instagram page. I follow the museum on both Instagram and Facebook.

What inspired you to participate?
My sense of adventure and love of scavenger hunts. As soon as I saw the post, I texted my boyfriend the message and said, “We’re going up to the museum next week!”

What have you learned about the museum from participating in this contest?
I learned about the west wing, specifically Indian art. Honestly, that is the only section of the museum I had never visited.

What are your favorite pieces?
I’ve always had a love for the Indian culture. So when the #CMAonthemove contest “exposed” this section of the museum to me, I was thrilled. The bronze Vajrapani from Kashmir India that was included in the contest is one of the museum’s most beautiful objects. I also always stop and look at the mosaic prayer niche in gallery 116 every time I visit.

What does the museum mean to you?
The CMA is a place I can visit on a weekend afternoon, clear my thoughts from the hectic workweek and the constant buzzing of my phone from social media posts, and find the beauty in art that may not be so pretty at first glance. The CMA is a place where I can kick back, listen to some music, and dance my cares away on a Friday night. The CMA is also a place where I can sit and have a well-crafted Old Fashioned from Andrew at the Provenance bar and share some laughs with my boyfriend.