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In support of CMA’s Open Access initiative, Artsy promoted and activated the artwork and didactic descriptive texts from their collection. Artsy incorporated CMA’s 30,000 images, metadata, provenance, and full didactic information into its database. The works are accessible on Artsy and via Artsy’s public API at developers.artsy.net. This allows Artsy’s over one million global users to explore and learn about CMA’s collection, building on Artsy’s innovative product offerings and services for the art world. For example, CMA’s collection is available for use in Artsy’s augmented reality feature, allowing users to virtually hang these works on their walls. 

“Artsy is excited to partner with the Cleveland Museum of Art in support of their open access initiative, which will provide global users unrestricted access to images and cataloguing data of more than 38,000 artworks from their collection—one of the best encyclopedic groups of art in the country. As an open-source leader, Artsy is excited to add these works to our own database freely available via a public API at developers.artsy.net, accessible as an educational resource to a global audience. Aiding in the legacy preservation of art for posterity via our global online platform empowers our international audience to learn about, discover, and collect art.”

-Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy's Chief Technology Officer

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