Soul Searching with Frame-Up CLE

The great 19th century American landscape painter, Thomas Cole, said that “the frame is the soul of the painting.” And for many Clevelanders, the soul of local, artistic practice was ushered in with the Cleveland School movement, a period of intense artistic growth and achievement that spanned the turn of the 19th century through the 1950s.

Here at the Cleveland Museum of Art we’ve done some soul searching and found that several works in our Cleveland School collection are in need of reframing. Our first priority is Carl Gaertner’s The Furnace, a prize winner at the 1924 May Show, an annual exhibition featuring local artists and organized by the Cleveland Museum of Art. Currently on view in the museum's Cleveland School galleries, The Furnace is a gritty masterpiece that depicts an amalgamation of buildings from the the Flats and residential Cleveland during Gaertner’s time.

Support Frame-Up CLE, organized by Column & Stripe: The Young Friends of the Cleveland Museum of Art, to help us realize new, custom-built frames for this piece and others in the Cleveland School collection.


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