New Year's Resolution #2: Listen More Widely

Beginning last month, the Cleveland Museum of Art's Performing Arts team is offering a new series of curated music playlists, highlighting a mix of artists and repertoire the museum presents, or has presented, admires, or encourages the world to know about, here on our blog. With these musical tools at our fingertips, why not share?

Quick check: not one artist on this list won a Grammy Award earlier this week. Too bad! The artists who sparked so much water cooler chatter recently, as wonderful as they may be, are but a spritz in the ocean of music. Here, we offer you another entirely different spritz. Take a listen to our February 2015 playlist on Spotify below (featuring music of Matthias Ziegler, Anna Gourari, Sussana Borsch, Kronos Quartet, and more), and meet us back here in a few weeks for another CMA on Spotify soundtrack. We hope you enjoy! 


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