Europeana Foundation

Supported by the European Commission, the digital cultural heritage platform Europeana is where over 3,500 European institutions publish their collections. With a mission to ‘transform the world with culture’, Europeana makes it easier for people to use cultural heritage data for work, learning or pleasure.

For the launch of Open Access at the Cleveland Musuem of Art, European included an interview feature on Europeana Pro with CMA’s Chief Digital Information Officer, Jane Alexander and a guest blog post titled, "A Tradition of Mourners" written by curatorial assistant Amanda Mikolic. These two blogs are great resources and provide insight into how the CMA's Open Access initiative will help the CMA's collection to reach new audiences.

“Europeana believes that a thriving public domain is vital to social and economic well-being. We work to empower cultural heritage institutions to share their collections freely and unobstructedly with the world. Open access to collections data enables new knowledge and fashions new cultural expressions, so we’re excited to endorse CMA’s exciting Open Access Initiative.”

-Harry Verwayen, Executive Director, Europeana Foundation.

Website: https://www.europeana.eu 

Twitter Link: @Europeanaeu