Books in DIY: Photographers & Books

Pascal Amoyel & Thomas Bouquin
Un, Montréal–Paris (2011)
Deux, Montréal–Paris (2012)
Trois, Montréal–Paris (2012)

Herbert Ascherman Jr.
Portraits: The Three Affiliated Tribes (2010)

Bob Aufuldish
NotCedarCityUtah (2008)
Dafen (2011)

Thomas Barnard & Sharon Herene
Cat Casual (2012)

Laura Ruth Bidwell
Breathless (2011)

Emiliano Biondelli & Valentina Venturi
lilliput (2011)

Marcelo Brodsky & Joachim Schmid
In Dialogue (2009)

Suzette Bross
Strong Touch (2006)
Girls (2010)

Karen Bucher
Interior Nature (2007)

Aaron Canipe, with text by Carin Tillman
Eden (2012)

Bertrand Carrière
Polaroids of War

Melissa Catanese
Smokey Days (2006)
Stardust (2006)
Dangerous Women (2011)

Vincent Cianni
Lost: Photographs of Old Forge (2011)

Goseong Choi
“Umma” (2011)

Cleveland School of the Arts students: Myesha Gardner, James Gossett, Tahzane Jackson, Arthur Kemp, Nina Lester, Jennifer Lloyd, Martel McCornell, Raymon Pointer, Tierra Sanders, and Jodeci Stewart, with Thomas Barnard
Revealing Truth (2012)

Bruce Cline
Fluid Images (2008)

Jon F. Conklin
Ambiguous Procession (2012)

Fred Cray
Movies (2010)

Kirk Crippens

Jane Critchlow
Living with Rats (2012)

Kit Davey
Things Darby Chewed

Mary Defer
as when (2012)

Dennis DeHart
Land of the Stratus (2012)

Janet Delaney
Between Chaos and Grace (2012)

Francois Deschamps
Taxi Bamako (2012)

Deanna Dikeman
27 Good-byes (2009)

Lauren Ditzel
Getting Lost in the World of Pop Culture (2012)

Benjamin Donaldson
No Excuses (2012)

G. M. Donley
This is where (2012)

Robert Dunn
OWS (2012)

Desiree Edkins
Untitled (2009)

T. R. Ericsson
Crackle & Drag (2012)

Larry Fink
Night at the Met (2009)

Jochen Friedrich
Photography Sontag (2011)

Ronald Geibert
The Private Library of Eric Blair (2007)

Nathaniel Grann
A Mid-Western Tragedy (2012)

Brigitte Grignet
Chiloé-La Cruz del Sur (2010)

Garrett O. Hansen
In China (2011)

Brian Harmon
The fear of forgetting: vol. 1 (2011)

Mishka Henner
Astronomical (2011)
Less Américains
No Man’s Land II
Photography Is (2012)

Akemi Hiatt
pierpaolo (2012)

Mari Hulick & Mary Jo Toles
Palimpsest 2.0, volumes 1–5 (2012)

Laurie H. Jacobs
Botanical Bottles (2010)

Ji Hyun Kwon
Dormitory (2012)

Joe Johnson
City Pictures (2009)

John Johnston & Tom Wik
Longfellow, Mpls. A song of Hiawatha (2012)

Loli Kantor
There Was a Forest: Jewish Life in Eastern Europe Today 2005–2008 (2009)

Lori Kella
Wilderness (2012)

Lisa Kereszi
Joe’s Junk Yard (about 2002)
Fantasies (2007)

Lewis Koch
Bomber: A Chance Unwinding (2011)

Timothy Lachina
Abandoned (2012)

Adam Lampton
City of Dreams (2008)

Liz Lee
GRASSROOTS (the shun series) 2nd Edition (2012)

Jonathan Lewis
Cheese (2011)

Li Yong
Daily (2012)

Li Yu Ning
Barracks 714 Days (2012)

Susie Lilley
Accumulations: The Things We Learn From Collections (2011)

Jonathan Lipkin
Livingston County: Photographs 2006–2010 (2011)

Michael Loderstedt
Groveland Utopia
New York: The Taxona Photographs (2012)

Sara Macel
May the Road Rise to Meet You (2011)

Sarah Malakoff
Living Arrangements (2011)

Stephen Mallon
American Reclamation (2009)
The Salvage of Flight 1549 (2009)
The Reefing of USS Radford (2011)

Jeanette May
Bachelor Pads (2012)

Paula McCartney
On Thin Ice in a Blizzard (2011)

Peg Mc Nally
Beneath the Trees in Spring (2012)

Rebecca Michaels
The Scale, Truly S/He Said (2008)

Daniel Milnor
On Approach (2006)

Charles Mintz
Precious Objects (2012)

Alyssa Miserendino
Our World Insideout: Chicago 2009 (2009)

Daido Moriyama
TKY (2011)

Ray Mortenson
Photographs [South Bronx 1982–1984] (2011)

Judy Natal
Future Perfect 2040, 2030, 2020, 2010 (2011)

Heidi Neilson
On Safari, 1976 (2009)
Stargazing by Microscope (2011)

Bea Nettles
Return Trips (2009)

Laura Noel
Law & Order Gets Me Through the Night (2011)

Ed Panar
Drink from the Well (2006)
December 2007 Sketchbook (2008)
Walking Home 1998–2011 (2012)

Martin Parr & Joachim Schmid
Joachim Schmid is Martin Parr–Martin Parr is Joachim Schmid (2009)

Don Parsisson
Doorways: 140 East Market (2012)

Jacob Pastrovich
I Still Don’t Know Which Way To Go (2011)

Deborah Pinter
Luminous Florals (2012)

Lester Pleasant
The Offering (2008)

Scott Pollack
Road Trip: A Journey from New Mexico to Ohio (2012)

Joe Putrock
Twentysix Gasoline Cans (2012)

Diane Rosenblum
A Measure of Art (2009)

Greg Ruffing
Yard Sales (2012)

Laura Russell & Nicole Bowmer
Bless This House (2009)

Nadia Sablin
Two Sisters (2012)

Ari Salomon
18 Rue Dugommier: Reginka Cukierman Struzevska (2007)

Joachim Schmid
But Is It Art? (2010)

Andreas Schmidt
38 Andreas Schmidt (2008)
153 Page Psycho (2010)
Porn (2011)
Fake Fake Art (2012)

Chris Sellas
You. I. (2011)

Stephen Shore
White Garden (2003)
AA 105 (2004)
The Fire Wood Tree (2004)
Flohmarkt (2004)
11-30-05 (2005)
3-13-08 (2008)
Happy Hanukkah (2010)

Ruth Silverman
Collectorz Book Series: Dogs (2011)

Neal Slavin
JOURNAL NYC 2008–2012 (2012)

Amy Stevens
Confections (2011)

Jamey Stillings
Colorado River Bridge: Hoover Dam Bypass v.1 (2009)
The Bridge at Hoover Dam (2011)

Maxwell Stolkin
versions (2012)

Jordan Swartz
Vacilando (2012)

Steve Syd
No Comment (2011)

Kashgar (2012)

Lisa Fovozzo Taras
Natural Elements 2009–2012 (2012)

Lex Thompson
Greetings from Colma (2004)
Cave Drawings (2012)

Blaise Tobia
Poor Mao: Shopping in China (2011)

Kurt Tong
The Queen, The Chairman and I (2011)

Elisabeth Tonnard
In this Dark Wood (2008)
Another World (2011)

Yury Toroptsov
Why Was I Born in Russia (2010–11)

Arthur Tress
Barcelona Unfolds (2009)
Crop Circles (2010)
Elmer Over Time (2011)

Glenn Twiggs

Unholy Erection
I’m Just a Drive-Thru Dreamer

Ryan Upp
The End of a Cycle (2012)

Herman van den Boom
Neighbours (2011)

Wil van Iersel
One week from Every Day a New Book (2011)
Who the F*ck is Carla (2012)

Dylan Vitone
Pittsburgh Project (2010)

Burkhard von Harder
Archive Mirror (2011)

Craig F. Walker
Welcome Home: The Story of Scott Ostrom (2012)

Michael Weil
CMAgrams: Instagramming the Cleveland Museum of Art (2012)

Harry Williams
When Harry Met Darren (2012)

Mike Williams
Camera Infractus (2012)

Ofer Wolberger
Covers (2011)
Fractures and Other Injuries (2012)

Hermann Zschiegner
34 Parking Lots (2006)
Seascapes (2009)
Every coffee I drank in January 2010 (2010)