Museum Facilities for Film

Morley Lecture Hall
An intimate 158-seat hall and the regular home of the Cleveland Museum of Art Film Series, the Morley Lecture Hall features two variable-speed 35mm film projectors, a 5.1-channel movie stereo sound system, DLP projector, and a masking system that adjusts to all format aspect ratios. Films can be projected from a variety of systems including 35mm, Beta SP, DVD, Blu-ray, and even video servers.

Recital Hall
An intimate 158-seat hall and home to the museum’s two 16mm Xenon projectors and a second DLP video projector.

Gartner Auditorium
Originally designed by Hungarian-born architect Marcel Breuer as part of the 1970 addition to the Cleveland Museum of Art, Gartner Auditorium is a 683-seat multi-use hall that houses the McMyler Memorial Organ (Holtkamp, 1971). The auditorium closed in 2005 for renovation and has been redesigned and refurbished by nationally recognized Cleveland-based architects Westlake Reed Leskosky in collaboration with leading acoustician Paul Scarbrough.

Contains two 35mm film projectors with the ability to project movies in five different aspect ratios onto a Cinemascope screen measuring 37 feet wide. The new auditorium also features 5.1 Dolby Stereo Surround Sound and utilizes our newly installed and calibrated performance audio system.