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Meridian Brothers Posing

Meridian Brothers. Photo courtesy of Meridian Brothers.

Meridian Brothers

Wednesday, July 19, 2023, 7:30–9:00 p.m.

About The Event

Before or during the concerts, attendees are encouraged to visit Transformer Station to experience the exhibition Tabaimo: Blow, which fuses traditional Japanese art forms with contemporary digital animation.

Transformer Station is located at 1460 W. 29th St. (at the corner of Church Avenue), Cleveland, OH 44113,and it will remain open until 9 p.m. during City Stages. For more information, visit transformerstation.org.

Arrive early and grab dinner and a drink at one of Ohio City’s bars or restaurants or visit one of the local shops. Seating is limited—bring camp chairs and enjoy an evening of music and dancing in the street.

FREE to all.

City Stages Schedule

  • Wednesday, July 19, 7:30 p.m.
    Meridian Brothers
  • Meridian Brothers is a five-piece band focused on reinterpreting all manner of Latin tropical styles with a strong psychedelic and experimental sensibility. Meridian Brothers’ music uses popular Latin American rhythms augmented by sampling techniques, elaborate effect processing, and Eblis Álvarez’s quirky and theatrical vocals, which channel imaginary characters with both pathos and humor. Álvarez has been an intricate part of the new generation of Colombian musicians who, for the past two decades, have been instrumental in reinventing Colombia’s rich panoply of tropical styles, bringing them firmly into the 21st century but retaining a sense of fun and celebration that remains essential to the music. The band has been praised by the New York Times, the Guardian, NPR, PRI, El País, and many more outlets.

    Meridian Brothers includes Maria Valencia (saxophone, clarinet, percussion, and synthesizers), Alejandro Araujo Larrahondo (drums and percussion), César Quevedo (bass), Alejandro Forero (electronics and synthesizers), and Eblis Álvarez (guitar and electronics).

  • Wednesday, July 26, 7:30 p.m.
    Battle of Santiago

    A Toronto-based group, Battle of Santiago combines classic Afro-Cuban rhythms and vocals with a distinctly Canadian art-rock spirit and sensibility. The band is strongly rooted in the city’s wealth of Cuban musical talent. And their recent release, La Migra, dives deep into Afro-Cuban waters, mixing Afro-Cuban Yoruba chants with subtle electronica and rumbas with post-rock experimentalism. The sound is more than just “Radiohead meets Fela Kuti”—it also mixes some cumbia tinged with dub-anthemic Latin rock and funk.


Street parking as available, or the Lutheran Hospital parking lot is located at West 28th Street and Franklin Boulevard. 

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