In-Person Studio Programs for Children

Join experienced practicing artists in our studios to play with ideas and materials while developing skills and techniques.


Four-Week Children’s Class Series (Ages 8–10)
Silkscreen: Collaboration in the Understanding of Color and Pattern
Saturdays, October 30–November 20, 2021, 10:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.

Registration closes Monday, October 25.     
This four-week course teaches the basics of silkscreening and how to use, make, and explore patterns through color. Each student learns how to coat a silkscreen and expose an image to it, as well as how to develop their own pattern ideas and collaborate with their peers in the class. The collaboration between students develops more and more complicated and intricate patterns through layering and color mixing and color transparency. The students spend time looking at works in the collection, such as Filtered Yellow by Julian Stanczak. As a class, students look at how color affects pattern and how pattern affects the way we perceive color. Each student is able to choose how to develop their pattern and color style and learns how to reflect mood, expression, and feeling through the use of color and pattern.
Instructor: Rebekah Wilhelm      
Registration: $125, CMA members $100

Four-Week Children’s Class Series (Ages 11–13)
Lino Print on Paper
Saturdays, October 30–November 20, 2021, 10:00 a.m. 12:00 p.m.

Registration closes Monday, October 25.     

This four-week lino print on paper class series includes manual techniques using tools to make lino designs. Participants print on paper using their own lino chiseled cuts to make greeting cards and envelopes. Participants choose imagery or trace pnes from those that are available. Printing on paper includes varied repetitive or singular mix-and-match placements. This enjoyable activity allows participants to be creative in their designs. Finished prints can make wonderful gifts for friends and family.

Instructor: Kiran Badola   
Registration: $125, CMA members $100

  • Register online or call (216)-421-7350. Limited scholarships are available; complete this form to apply, or email FamilyYouthInfo [at] clevelandart.org for more information.
  • If minimum enrollment is not met one week before the first class, the session for that class will be canceled, all enrolled participants will be notified, and refunds will be issued; no further registrations will be accepted to reinstate the class.
  • Registration is first come, first served. In-person workshops and classes are limited to ten (10) participants per COVID-19 restrictions. All participants must follow CMA COVID-19 safety guidelines.