2013 Guest Artist: Parade Girl Grows Up

2013 Guest Artist Liza Goodell (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)—Parade Girl Grows Up

Liza Goodell, the production manager for Spiral Q Puppet Theater in Philadelphia, returned to Cleveland and created a feature ensemble entitled Puella Eterna for Parade 2013. Goodell grew up in Cleveland and has transformed her girlhood love of Parade the Circle into an adult career. Here’s her story:

Liza Goodell's first Parade the Circle was in 1993, when she and two of her classmates from Monticello Middle School in Cleveland Heights (longtime paraders Abby Maier and Sheila Keller) joined the public workshops at the Cleveland Museum of Art to make a float. That first experience was a revelation – the scale of the work, the inventive, recycled and reused materials used, and the access and proximity to the CMA's collection as a source of inspiration. From that moment, she was hooked. Through the years the reasons to love and learn from Parade only expanded, as Goodell continued to gain exposure to talented artists from Cleveland and people from around the world joining in the Parade tradition, sharing their own cultural traditions and experience. Parade has always been a one-of-a-kind experience, demonstrated in the range of formats and tones of each of the parade's ensembles – from the colorful and loud plastic-based work to the quiet, serious, and earth-toned paper-based, all unique yet all a natural part of the Parade spirit.

Goodell's participation in these public workshops through the rest of high school led to interning and staff positions on the parade while she studied art and graphic design at American University in Washington, D.C. Following college and looking for a way to apply her parade work into a full-time experience, Goodell secured a position at Spiral Q Puppet Theater in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, an organization that allowed her to merge the community art experiences of her CMA internships with her growing interest in community organizing and social justice work. As an arts and social justice organization serving Philadelphia communities, Spiral Q works with reclaimed and recycled materials, teaches in schools and community organizations, leads collaborative planning of large public art projects, and supports creative community organizing. In her work with Spiral Q and beyond, Goodell's masks and puppets have been shown in museums (the Guggenheim Museum, the Rosenbach Museum and Library, and the Philadelphia Museum of Art) and have been featured in collaborations with video artist Danny Perez and musicians such as Animal Collective, Gemini Wolf, and Emperor X.

For the last seven years, Goodell has contributed costumes, puppets and ensembles to the parade as a guest artist. She finds inspiration in researching global parade traditions, all animals and creatures throughout time - both real and imagined, and the challenge of creating something beautiful out of recycled and reused materials on hand."

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