Parade the Circle Guidelines

The following guidelines must be followed:

  • Everyone must be in costume, including parents and staff accompanying children.
  • Children under 15 must be accompanied by someone older.
  • All entries must be handmade and people powered. Motorized vehicles (other than wheelchairs) and live animals (other than working animals) are not permitted.
  • No written words are allowed.
  • Entries should not propagandize a particular political or religious belief.
  • No distribution of leaflets or flyers during the parade or along the parade route.
  • Entries and costumes must be non-commercial. No identifiable logos are allowed.
  • No T-shirts with words, registered trademarks, logos, or cartoon characters may be worn.
  • Uniforms representing organized teams, troops, school, or civic organizations may not be worn.
  • All parade participants participate at their own risk. Written waivers are required for all stilters, rollerbladers, cyclists, anyone carrying a giant puppet, anyone riding on a float, and anyone using a wheelchair.