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Installation view, 2015 Staff Art Show

The Cleveland Museum of Art Staff Art Show

Friday, December 16, 2016–Sunday, January 1, 2017
Location: Transformer Station

About The Exhibition

When you visit the Cleveland Museum of Art, you see only a fraction of its more than 450 staff members, a great many of which have considerable creative talents. The museum is proud to present this exhibition of more than 60 works by staff from various departments. The staff also welcomes you to visit the collections of the Cleveland Museum of Art to encounter the artworks that continue to engage and inspire them as well as our community. The mission of the museum is to fulfill its dual roles as one of the world’s most distinguished and comprehensive art museums and as one of northeast Ohio’s principal civic and cultural institutions.

Works By
Howard Agriesti
Linda Ayala
Rachel Beamer
Robin J. Blumenthal
David Brichford
Janice Brown
Philip Brutz
Danny Canfield
Tony Cisneros
Deanne Conley
Dexter Davis
John Dolacki
Greg Donley
Dale Edwards
Stephen Fixx
Toby Griffiths
Valerie Gudger
Kurt Hallsman 
Dyane Hronek Hanslik
Jamey Hart
Ben Hauser
Howard Hersch
Todd Hoak
Yi-Hsia Hsiao
Jessica Hubbard
Apurva Kaushik
Shawn Kerns
Lauren King
Dwayne Kirkland
James A. Kohler
Adrian S. Lane
Karen Levinsky
Bob Levkulich
Kristen Magerkurth
Michaelle Marschall
Jordan McCann
James McNamara  
Rachel McPherson
Bev Miller
Joan Neubecker
Cliff Novak
Ted Pikturna
David Piurek  
Sonya Rhie Quintanilla
Jo Ann Rencz
Rhonda Riggins
Tom Ritter
Anthony Robinson 
Andrew Robison 
Dante Rodriguez
Adam Schonhiutt
Laura Siegfried
Cal Stretar
Davidd Sudberry
Grace Summanen
Joseph Tait
Robin VanLear
Jeffrey Vano 
James Waite
Achala Wali
Wayland Whitley II
Constance Williams 
Jasmine Williams