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Tags for: From the Earth through Her Hands: African Ceramics
  • Gallery Rotation

From the Earth through Her Hands: African Ceramics

Saturday, September 21, 2024–Sunday, September 21, 2025
Location:  108A Sub-Saharan

About The Exhibition

African women have worked in ceramics for millennia, yet their accomplishments are under-exhibited compared to male artists who sculpted in wood. This rotation considers key western, central, and eastern African ceramics spanning the first through 20th centuries. Three themes highlight their makers’ technical and aesthetic accomplishments: inspiration and instructors; idealized portraits; and practical beauty. The intimate presentation illuminates the deeply historical practice of African women working in ceramics and considers connections between functional and display (“fine art” ceramics). It will highlight the technical, training, and aesthetic links between 20th-century female African artists working in ceramics. Some of the 10 works are newly acquired (such as a mid-20th-century bowl by renowned Nigerian ceramicist Ladi Kwali OON MBE), while others have not recently been on view or are being exhibited for the first time.