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Kali (detail), 1800s. India, Calcutta. Black ink, color and silver paint on paper; 45.9 x 28 cm (painting). Gift of William E. Ward in memory of his wife, Evelyn Svec Ward 2003.110.a

Indian Kalighat Paintings

Sunday, May 1–Sunday, September 18, 2011
Location: Prints and Drawings Gallery

About The Exhibition

Gleaned from a prized and relatively unknown group of objects in the museum's wide-ranging Asian collection, this exhibition of Kalighat paintings will allow visitors an opportunity to view these rarely displayed Indian paintings, considered to be the beginning of modernism in Indian art. Originally created as souvenirs for nineteenth-century tourists, and regarded as a response to the sudden prosperity brought to Calcutta by the East India Company, the innovative and influential paintings are now highly regarded elements of museum and private collections. Motifs explored in the artwork include religious themes, Western material influence, and commentary regarding the changing social order. These highly stylized and brightly colored paintings also mock the newly affluent and depict contemporary newsworthy figures.