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Jewish Ceremonial Art from The Jewish Museum, New York

Thursday, May 23, 2024–Sunday, January 5, 2025
Location:  Various Galleries
Permanent Collection Galleries 116, 202, 212, 214, 219, and 236
Free; No Ticket Required

About The Exhibition

The CMA, famous for the quality and breadth of its collection, partners with The Jewish Museum, New York, and displays a group of Jewish ceremonial objects from the latter’s world-renowned collection of Jewish art. The pieces are shown in six permanent collection galleries, representing the diversity of Jewish cultures throughout the world and time. Among the objects are silver Torah ornaments from Italy, France, and Georgia; a rare German festival lamp; and spice containers made in Ukraine and the United States. They convey the creativity of Jewish communities and artists from different backgrounds in which they adapted traditional forms of Judaica to changing fashions, styles, and needs, often drawing on broader cultures. Visitors can explore the artistic and cultural significance of these objects and learn about the rituals for which they were created.


Principal support is provided by Rebecca and David Heller. Major support is provided by Gail C. and Elliott L. Schlang. Additional support is provided by Michael Frank and the late Pat Snyder, Janice Hammond and Edward Hemmelgarn, Marjorie Moskovitz Kanfer and Joseph Kanfer, Margo Roth, Dr. Linda M. Sandhaus and Dr. Roland S. Philip, Dr. Daniel Sessler and Dr. Ximena Valdes-Sessler, and Herb and Jody Wainer.