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Chinese painting of several men on horseback on a creek bed. One with hands stretched high above his head, another with bird on his shoulder, and four more in the foreground with a galloping dog

Hunting on Horses () (detail), c. 1600s–1700s.  China, Ming dynasty (1368–1644) to Qing dynasty (1644–1911). 1915.680 

Six Dynasties of Chinese Painting

Friday, November 10, 2023–Sunday, September 1, 2024
Location:  240A Chinese Paintings and Calligraphy
Clara T. Rankin Suite of Chinese Art Galleries

About The Exhibition

Six Dynasties of Chinese Painting presents a selection of the museum’s most important paintings that cover six different dynasties, including the modern era. These paintings represent various subject matter, from figures, landscapes, animals, birds, and flowers to religious and historic themes; their dates of acquisition range from the museum’s founding years to the most recent additions, demonstrating a continuous commitment to Chinese painting, a field that has always been the strongest asset of the Chinese collection.