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In support of the CMA's Open Access Initiative, HoloLens Hyland consumed the CMA API to allow people from all over the globe to view and interact with art in an augmented space. This was accomplished by building an augmented reality (AR) application that is deployed to a Microsoft HoloLens which allowed users to place holographic representations of artwork in the physical space around them. Hyland was also able to display the associated information in an interactive manner, which allowed users to learn more about the artwork, the creator of the piece, and more. 

“Using Hyland’s technology expertise to make this distinguished art collection accessible across the world is thrilling. We have a shared mission with the Cleveland Museum of Art to bring pieces to life in new environments and with new perspectives, all enabled by the latest augmented reality tools. Just as we connect our customers with their data when and where they need it, we are excited to make art available to the masses.”

-Scott Caesar, Director of Cloud R&D at Hyland

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