Summer Camp 2021: Information for Registrants

Safety Protocols:

  • Class sizes will be reduced this summer to adhere to the state’s pandemic guidelines on group sizes, each class will be capped at 8 students.
  • Students will interact with the same adults and instructors all week.  
  • Students and staff will be required to wear masks at all times throughout the camp day, with the exception of lunchtime, which will take place outdoors as often as possible.
  • Social distancing will be maintained.   
  • Each student will have their own worktable in their respective classrooms.
  • Each student will have their own designated supplies for the week that will not be shared between students.
  • Between weeks all shared supplies will be cleaned and sanitized per museum standards.

Drop-Off/ Pick-Up:

  • Drop-off on Mondays and before 10am:
  • CMA is closed on Mondays and before 10am the rest of the week. You will not be able to enter the main entrance at these times. Please park or walk into the parking garage and enter the museum through the tunnel on Level 2. You may head directly to your child’s classroom (we will notify you in advance the classroom in which your camper has been assigned). 
  • Parking is free for the first half hour, so as long as you do not leave your car in the garage, you will not be charged.  
  • Drop-off after 10am: Drop off directly to your child’s designated classroom.
  • Pick-up: On Mondays pick up from same classroom. Tuesdays through Fridays, pick-up will take place outside the front entrance of the Museum.
  • Please drop off and pick up as close to exact start and end times as possible. This is especially important on Mondays and before 10am.  


  • Please provide a packed lunch for your child.  
  • Pre-packaged, allergy safe + gluten free snacks will be provided to all campers.  
  • Staff must be alerted of any camper allergies, dietary restrictions, physical or medical accommodations, and/or any other special circumstances needed before the start of camp.  See camper information form and medical waiver.


  • All campers will be required to wear a mask.
  • Art can get messy! Students should come in comfortable clothes that can be worn while painting or playing games outside.  
  • Closed toed shoes are recommended for safety (no flip flops, please).  

Special Needs:

  • We want to provide the best experience for our students. Please communicate with camp staff before the first day of camp, if your camper has special needs. We do not currently provide aids but outside aids may be asked to stay with students during the camp, if needed.  


  • All our camps will include activities in the galleries with authentic works of art, hands-on art projects in our studio spaces, and, weather permitting, opportunities to snack and play outside. All activities are designed to allow campers to explore their own creative ideas, and experiment using fun materials and techniques.  


  • Email Sydney Kreuzmann, Manager of Youth and Family Engagement at skreuzmann [at] clevelandart.org.