Instagram Filters: How To

Try the CMA's Instagram filters, a fun way to share art in our collection.

Try them out for yourself and tag the Cleveland Museum of Art (@clevelandmuseumofart) for the opportunity to be featured in CMA's Instagram Story. It takes just a few simple steps to access the filters from your personal Instagram account. Below are some instructions for anyone that might need them. 

  1. Open Instagram, and head to the Cleveland Museum of Art's Instagram profile
  2. From the Highlights row, select "CMA Filters" then look through to see our available filter options
  1. To select a filter you'd like to try out, tap the filter name underneath "CMA Filters" in the upper left hand corner. If you don't see it there, your app may be due for an update!
  1. Tap "Try it" to use the selected filter
  1. Press and hold the center circle to record yourself. While recording, tap your screen to begin shuffling the images. Watch to see what image you land on, it's different every time!
  1. Tag us: once you're done, you can use the text tool in the upper right hand corner to tag us, you might be featured on our Instagram story. Simply type in "@clevelandmuseumofart".
  2. Select the "Your Story" icon in the lower left corner of your screen to share with all of your followers to let them see what you came up with!