Endowment Program

Creating your legacy ensures the Cleveland Museum of Art’s legacy.

Endow the Future
The Cleveland Museum of Art’s artistic legacy enhances the quality of life in Cleveland and brings international stature and prominence to the city. The museum has one of the largest endowments of any art museum in the country, an asset that has allowed the museum to achieve its esteemed position among the world’s best. Contributing to bolster and augment the endowment is critical to sustaining the museum’s standing and making the very finest art from around the globe available to all. Various opportunities exist to make endowed contributions, each creating a lasting impact in all of the museum’s work by securing future leadership and an institutional commitment to excellence.

We invite you to engage in the art of giving in a way that honors individuals, families, and organizations and sustains the mission of the museum for generations to come.

Make a Gift to the General Endowment
Contributions of any size to the Cleveland Museum of Art Endowment Fund are instrumental in providing support to the areas of greatest need. Such donations provide necessary funding for projects essential to fulfilling the museum’s mission and institutional initiatives.

Named Endowed Chairs
Endowed chairs are vital tools for supporting art acquisition, research, conservation, exhibitions, and education. Established through a philanthropic commitment, an endowed chair provides an annual source of income to enable the chair holder to pursue innovative programs and initiatives. An endowed chair is a distinction awarded by the Cleveland Museum of Art in recognition of past and/or potential contributions to an individual’s artistic discipline.

Additional Endowment Opportunities
A wide range of endowment opportunities are available for philanthropic gifts of varying amounts. A minimum gift of $25,000 establishes a named endowment fund for general operating support of the Cleveland Museum of Art. 

Named Endowment Opportunities

How to Establish an Endowment Fund
Named endowments may be established in a variety of ways: cash gifts and multi-year pledges; gifts of art; and gifts of stock or property given through retirement and estate planning.

Contact the Cleveland Museum of Art development office at 216-707-2481 to explore your vision for a legacy gift. You can schedule a consultation with museum development professionals to review the strategies and vehicles available and determine the most appropriate avenue to customize your named endowment.