Photo: Howard Agriesti
  • Photo: Howard Agriesti

Transformation: The Campaign for the Cleveland Museum of Art

The Cleveland Museum of Art gratefully acknowledges our generous benefactors whose gifts to the capital campaign increase the museum’s ability to showcase the collection and to improve the visitor’s experience. This list reflects gifts between July 1, 2001, and June 30, 2017.

Anonymous (21)
The Abington Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Hal Abraham
Howard S. and Carol K. Abrams
Mrs. Dorothy A. Ackerman
Emily A. Adams
Ms. Marjorie Adler
Mr. Alex Aho
Mr. Monte Ahuja and Dr. Usha Ahuja
AIA Cleveland
Dick and Joan Ainsworth
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Aldrich
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas S. Allen
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Allen
Norman and Helen Allison
Mr. David W. Ambrose
American Greetings Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. B. Charles Ames
Richard and Anne Ames
Ms. Barbara Andersen and
Mr. Michael McCarthy
Mr. and Mrs. A. Chace Anderson
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Anderson
Helen T. Anderson
Mrs. Lois B. Anderson
Mrs. Mary White Anderson*
Mr. William R. Anderson
Dr. and Mrs. William Annable
Mr. Robert H. Anschuetz and
Ms. Susan Higham
Ms. Anne Antonius and
Ms. Beth Sullivan
Elizabeth L. Armington*
Ms. Cathleen M. Arnold
Mr. and Mrs. George Asadorian
Kate and Richard Asbeck
Mr. Jon Asbornsen and
Ms. Rebecca Roark
Mr. Herbert Ascherman Jr.
Professor Phyllis Asnien
Mrs. Dolores E. Aube*
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Austrian
Thomas J. Baechle
BakerHostetler LLP
Margot and Art Baldwin
Dangirute Baliliunaite and
Russell Cartwright
Dr. George D. Banta
Oren Baratz and
Susanne Wish-Baratz
Randall J. and Virginia N. Barbato
Mr. Francis J. Barchfeld
Ms. Linda Barnett
John M. Barr
Mrs. Clinton E. Barry*
Dean and Elizabeth Barry
Wilma S. Bartholomay*
Hanna H. and James T. Bartlett
Erva Hitchcox Barton
Ms. Amy A. Bartter
Mrs. Judith Bass
Norma E. Battes*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Beach
Mr. Robert Becker
Ms. Dianna Bedell
Margret Beekel
Mr. John Begusch
Fred G. and Mary W. Behm
Ann Z. and Edward Bell
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Bell III
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald H. Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Ernest J. Benchell
Ms. Christine Benedictis
Dr. and Mrs. David F. Bennhoff
Dr. Emma B. Benning
Robert B. Benyo, MD*
Ms. Barbara S. Berg
James and McKey Berkman
Dr.* and Mrs.* Norman E. Berman
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bernstein
Margo and Tom Bertin
Mr. John G. Bertosa and
Mrs. Jeannene Mathis-Bertosa
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Betchkal
Mr. Bari J. Bett
Dr. Erol, Laura, Mark, David, and Chelsea Beytas
Fred and Laura Ruth Bidwell
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Billington
Ms. Andrea D. Billups
Dr.* and Mrs.* Harold B. Bilsky
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Birchfield
Ms. Barbara Bissett-Kitchen
John B. Black*
Peter M. Black*
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn M. Blair Jr.
Frank J. and Mona Blaizgis
Mr. Robert L. Blasko
Marilyn and Lawrence Blaustein                              
Rabbi Richard A. and Susan G. Block
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Blomgren
Mr. and Mrs. Dudley S. Blossom
Richard J. Blum and Harriet L. Warm
Mrs. Lawrence Blumenthal
Mrs. Esther I. Bockhoff
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Bodnovich
Alfred C. Body Trust
Mrs. Elaine H. Bolasny
Mr. Don Boldman
Ms. Bernice A. Bolek
Ilse Bolster Trust
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Bolton
Mr. Joseph J. Boncser
Kathryn Bondy*
Helen* and Albert Borowitz
Jerome* and Loretta Borstein
Ms. Karen F. Borstein
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Borton
Mr. Peter Borza
Robert and Nancy Bostwick
Ruth J. Boza*
Ms. Kevaly Bozes
Mrs. Morris A. Bradley II*
Frances Kelleher Bradner*
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Brant
Maud M. Bray
Ms. Nancy Brcak and Mr. Stan Seltzer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Breckenridge
Mr. Craig Brenner
Marilyn* and Paul* Brentlinger and The Brentlinger Foundation
Mrs. Betty Dunbar Brien*
Ms. Connie Brines
Mr. John C. Brinkman
Robert R.* and Mary Broadbent
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Brockett
Mr. Robert M. Brogan
Robert Brooks
Ms. Helen I. Broszczuk
Mr. Alvin Brouman
Dr. Arthur Brown and
Dr. Diana Kunze
Ms. Constance Brown
Jeanette G. and Glenn R. Brown
Marshall and Brenda Brown
Dr. Steven Brown
Eva L. and Joseph M. Bruening Foundation
Ms. Jacqueline N. Brugeman
Ms. Dorothy Bruggeman
Mrs. Virginia M. Bruning
Reverend Steven Brunovsky
Fred* and Linda Buchler
Inez Budd*
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred J. Buescher
Mr. Peter Buettner
Miss Emily Mary Bukovec
Ms. Phyllis A. Bullock and
Ms. Jane Bullock
Mr. and Mrs. Mark G. Bulmash
Mr. and Mrs. H. F. Burkhardt
Dorothy D. Burnett
David R. and Nancy F. Burr
Mrs. Carl D. Burt*
Stanley* and Honnie* Busch
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Busse
Mr. Milan G. Busta
Muriel S.* and Noah L.* Butkin
Linda R. Butler and
Steven E. Nissen, MD
Mr. Jeffrey L. Cahill Sr.
Harry R. Calsing
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony T. Campanelli
Mary Elizabeth and William Carey
Mr. and Mrs. Peter A. Carfagna
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Carfagna
Mr. and Mrs. Richard T. Carissimi
Ms. Angela G. Carlin
Harry and Marjorie M.* Carlson
Leigh and Mary* Carter
Leigh H. Carter
Mr. Robert K. Case
Jean K. Cassill
Dr. Mark R. Chance and
Ms. Christina Sibilla
Mr. and Mrs. Laurence M.
Channing Jr.
Arthur L. Charni*
Ms. Suh-Ling Chen
Dr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Chengelis
Katherine and Lee Chilcote Foundation
Mrs. Ellen Wade Chinn*
Karen and Joseph Chinnici Jr.
Gertrude K. and
Homer D. W. Chisholm
Dr. Alfred J. Cianflocco and
Mary Anne Garvey
Citizens Bank Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Clapp
M. Roger* and Anne* Melby Clapp
Mrs. Jerine W. Clark
Mr.* and Mrs.* William Sanders Clark in honor of the Harold Terry Clark Family
Kathryn and Frederick Clarke
Mr. Timothy T. Clarke and
Ms. Linda A. Grandstaff
Mr. and Mrs. Jeremy Cleron
The Cleveland Foundation
Cleveland Landmarks Press Foundation
Cleveland Marble Mosaic Co.
Patricia M. Cliffe*
Ms. Margaret M. Cmarik
Mr. and Mrs. Reeves P. Cochran
The George W. Codrington Charitable Foundation
Cohen & Company
Kenneth S. and Deborah G. Cohen
Dr. Mark Cohen and
Dr. Miriam Vishny
Dr. and Mrs. Richard L. Cohen
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Cole
The Helen C. Cole Charitable Trust
The Collacott Foundation
Brian and Gretchen Colleran
Dr. John and Helen Collis Family
Mr. Ignatius A. Comella
Ms. Rita A. Comko
Aims and Rita Coney
Mrs. Mary Ann Conn-Brody and
Dr. Robert Brody
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher M. Connor
Mr. and Mrs.* Robert D. Conrad
Mr.* and Mrs. Gerald A. Conway
William E. and Mary F. Conway
Tom and Anita Cook
Mr.* and Mrs.* Kenneth H. Cooley
Ms. Delma Cooper
Mrs. Shirley H. Copeland
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Coquillette
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard L. Corcoran
Mr. and Mrs. D. M. Cornacchione
Dr. and Mrs. William B. Cornell
Dr. and Mrs. Delos Marshall
Cosgrove III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Costa
Mrs. Mary Ellen Cotter
Mrs. Marilyn A. Coughlin
Mrs. Charlotte Jaffe Cowan
Mr. and Mrs. Edward G. Cowan
Howard and Julia D. Cox
Mrs. Eloise A. Coxe
Mr. and Mrs. Norman C. Craig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Creger
Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Crist
Ms. Suzanne Croce
Barbara L. Cross
Richard S. Croy*
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Crum
Reverend Harriett E. Culp
William S. Cumming*
Ms. Sharon R. Currier
Sarah S. and Alexander M. Cutler
Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm M. Cutting
Ms. Grace E. Czarny
Mr. and Mrs. David Daberko
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Dahar
Dr. Roman M. Dale and
Dr. Diana A. Dale
John L. Dampeer*
Peter W. Danford and
Susan G. Danford
George N. Daniels Trust and
Electra S. Daniels Trust
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Daroff
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Davey
Lisa-Karyn and Larry M. Davidoff
Ms. Barbara A. Davis
Ms. Carol J. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward B. Davis
Mr. and Mrs. Lowell B. Davis
Ms. Alison Day and Mr. Ben Beckman
Mr. Myron R. Day
Diane De Grazia
Ms. Diane F. DeBevec
Ms. Gayle Degeorge
Mary Kay DeGrandis and
Edward Donnelly
Albert J. DeGulis
Mr. Richard E. Deming
Louise and Serop Demirjian
Ms. Jacquelyn F. Derrow and
Dr. Steven L. Kutnick
Mr. and Mrs.* James T. DeViney
Mr. Evan Dewitt
Mr. and Mrs. Roderick A. Dibble
Mr. Thomas A. DiFranco
Dr. and Mrs. Richard C. Distad
Ms. Cora Dixon
Mr. and Mrs. James N. Doan
Peter J. and Margaret N. Dobbins
Mr. Gordon S. Doble
The Docents of the Cleveland
Museum of Art
Elizabeth B. and Gregory M. Donley
Mrs. Nancy D. Dorer
Ms. Donna M. Douglas
Mr. James W. Doyle
Ms. Elizabeth Dreben and Mr. Hillel Chiel
Elizabeth G.* and John D.* Drinko
Ms. Donna M. Driscoll
Jeffrey R. Dross and
Michele J. Ladouceur
Mr. and Mrs. John Miller Duff Jr.
Mr.* and Mrs. Charles J. Dugan
Ms. Rosemarie Duh
Dr. and Mrs. Robert C. Dunbar
George* and Becky Dunn
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Duxbury
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Dzurick
Ms. Beth Earle
Eaton Corporation
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard H. Eckstein
Dr. Peter G. Economou
Ms. Victoria W. Edick and
Mr. Thomas Walton Whipple
Terry and Renuka Egger
Mr. and Mrs. Harve S. Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Eiskamp
Mrs. Phyllis E. Ekelman*
Mrs. Mary F. Elder
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd H. Ellis Jr.
Mr. John H. Emack
Mr. Stanley J. Emerling
Dr. Leatrice J. W. Emeruwa
Mr. Carl Thomas Engel
Mr. Carl E. Engelman and
Ms. Tracy L. Hull
Mrs. Elaine Smith Engeln
Edith Virginia Enkler*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard L. Erickson
Mr. and Mrs. Harold D. Erlenbach
Mr. Howard P. Erlichman
Mrs. Alice T. Eterovich
Ms. Joyce Evans
Mr. Neil K. Evans
Mrs. Morris Everett Sr.*
John and Kathy Ewing
Andrew and Leigh Fabens
Dr. and Mrs. Warren L. Faber
Patricia J. Factor
Dr. and Mrs. Edward R. Falkner
Ms. Ann Fallon
Frances Fangboner*
Dr. and Mrs. Vincent Q. Fanton
Mr. David C. Fay
Mrs. Judith Fay Gruber
Mr. and Mrs. Ladislav Fedorko
Barbara G. and Paul H. Feinberg
Ms. Roberta E. Feinstein and
Mr. Hans P. Leander
Robert and Ellyn Feldman
Mr. Neal Felsinger
Mr. Bruce J. Ferencz
Ms. Patricia L. Ferrara
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Ferrell
Darrell A. Fields and
Helen Forbes Fields
Lauren Rich Fine and Gary Giller
Mr. and Mrs. Howard J. Finkler
Mrs. Ruth Fisher*
Joan Fitchet
Mr. and Mrs. Sean Flanigan
Miss Elizabeth J. Fleming
Maxeen* and John* Flower
Marcia and Fred Floyd / The Lenox Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Flynn
Ms. Laura Fodor
Miss Mary Eileen Fogarty
Allen H. Ford
Ms. Sara Forhan
Dr. and Mrs. Brian W. Forsgren
Mr. and Mrs. David Forte
John H. Foster
Mrs. Fetnat M. Fouad-Tarazi
Char and Chuck Fowler
The Harry K. Fox and Emma R. Fox Charitable Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Dennis S. Foy
Richard Lee Francis
Jane Gould Frankel                     
Barbara Corwin Franklin and
Earl R. Franklin
Mrs. Rita W. Frantz
Mark* and Ola French
Mr.* and Mrs.* Robert S. Friedman
Mrs. Mieko I. Fujimoto
Fusco Sandstone
Ms. Margaret R. Gallagher
Barbara and Peter Galvin
Dorothy S. Gamiere,* in memory of Wanda L. Ensinger
The GAR Foundation
Garden Club of Cleveland
Mr. Joseph Gardewin
Dr. Richard K. Gardner
Stephen Gariepy and Nancy Sin
Mr. and Mrs. Gary D. Garman
Ms. Jane A. Garrett
Phyllis Asquith Gary
Ms. Leslie A. Gentile
Dr. Saul M. Genuth
Mr. and Mrs. Jim George
Mr. Alan Edward Gephardt
Joseph T. Germana
Terri Mazzola Gertz and Ben Gertz
Mr. George Gianelos
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Gibans
Mr. Christopher L. Gibbons
Mrs. Gerry Ricciardi Gill
S. Bradley Gillaugh
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Gillespie
Miss Jean C. Gillet
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas T. Giorgianni
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Giovinazzo
Mr. and Mrs. Donald P. Gleichauf
Mr. Richard P. Goddard and
Mrs. Anne Unverzagt
The Gogate Foundation
Mr. David J. Golden*
Mr. and Mrs. Bernard D. Goodman
Pearl D. Goodman*
The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company
Mr. and Mrs. Randall J. Gordon
Mrs. Stephanie M. Gordon
Dr. Jonathan M. Gott
Joan Graham
Elaine Harris Green
Gretchen H. Green
Ms. Amy L. Gregord
Ann and Richard Gridley
Sally and Bob Gries                                         
Mr. Bernard A. Griff and
Ms. Pat George
Beatrice and Burt Griffin
Judd H. Gross Trust and
Zetta G. Gross Trust
Mary T. Gruber*
Mr. Melvin J. Grunau
Robert N. and Nicki Gudbranson
John and Christiane Guinness
Mr. Walter J. Guise
Agnes Gund
Ann and Graham Gund
Geoffrey Gund
The George Gund Foundation
George Gund III* and Iara Lee
Gordon and Llura Gund Foundation
Ms. Louise L. Gund
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Guscott
Dr. Ralph B. L. Gwatkin
Mrs. Pearl B. Hachen
Mr. and Mrs. William Hachtel
Elaine Grasselli Hadden
Hahn Loeser & Parks LLP
Edward Halbe*
Ms. Cathy L. Hall
Mr. James Hall
Mr. Jesse N. Hall*
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Halle
Mr. David C. Halley
The James and Angela Hambrick Foundation
Miss Hollis Hamilton
James J. Hamilton
Mrs. Nancy Y. Hammond
Mr. and Mrs. Lee Handel
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Hannan
Mrs. Frank R. Hanrahan*
Ms. Maia Hansen
Sondra and Steve Hardis
Ruth and Paul Hardwig
Judy* and Russell Hardy
Mr. and Mrs.* Michael L. Hardy
Beverly S. Harris*
Mr. and Mrs. A. Dale Harsh
Mrs. Linda A. Harston
Professor and Mrs. Alan Hart
Jean M. Hartson*
Dr.* and Mrs.* Shattuck Hartwell
Ms. Paula A. Harvan
Michael C. Harvey
Mrs. D. J. Hassler*
In Memory of Barbara Hitchcock Hatch, a Gift of Henry Hatch
Mr. Rudolph Hausmann
Ms. Barbara R. Hawkins
Henry Hawley and George Vassos
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Richard
Hayes Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. John Hazen
Rabbi and Mrs. Michael Hecht
Stephen Hegner
Ken and Betsy Hegyes
Ms. Lee Heinen
Hellenic Preservation Society
Janice L. Hammond, PhD and
Edward P. Hemmelgarn
Mr. Gary A. Hemphill
Mrs. Elizabeth Allyn Hendricks
Ms. Julia A. Heng and
Mr. Duane T. Clemens
Sally and Oliver Henkel
Mr. Clyde J. Henry Jr.
Ms. Phyllis A. Henry
Mr. and Mrs. James G. Herman
Mrs. Lynnette K. Hesche*
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas M. Hicks
Mr. Alexander J. Hickson
Ann S. Higgins
Dorothy Tremaine Hildt*
The Robert D. Hill Foundation
Mr. Brett Himes and
Ms. Annette Severiens
Tom E. Hinson and Diana S. Tittle
Edith F. Hirsch
Ms. Gia Hober
Mr. Joseph V. Hocevar
Ms. Goldie Hoffman*
Ms. Sharona Hoffman
Dr. Gerhard* and Mrs. Lee* Hoffmann
Holden Parks Trust
Arlene and Arthur* Holden Jr., Constance Holden-Somers, and Sarah Holden McLaren
Ms. Heidi E. Hoogwerf
Dr. and Mrs. Michael Hopkins
Mrs. Norma R. Horswell
Mrs. Harry Richard Horvitz*
Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Horvitz
Peter and Peggy Horvitz
Ms. Katherine Howley
Denis F. Hoynes Jr.
HRH Foundations
Rita Hubar
Cynthia Ames Huffman and
Ned Huffman
William L.* and Jane* Huffman
Laura A. Hugus*
Mr.* and Mrs. George M. Humphrey II
Mrs. Carola B. Hunt*
John Huntington Art &
Polytechnic Trust
Michael and Seiko Hupfer
Charles and Charlene Hyle
Ms. Ludmila J. Hyvnar
Ms. Yoshiko Ikuta
Mr. and Mrs. Donald D. Illig
Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Illson
Louise H. and David S. Ingalls Foundation
Ms. Sabrina A. Inkley
Edward F.* and Mary F.* Intihar
James Ireland III*
Kenneth and Susan Iwashita
Mr. and Mrs. Donald M. Jack Jr.
Jay and Mitzi Jackson
John C. Jackson*
Ms. Sharon Faith Jacobs
Dr. and Mrs. James S. Jacobsohn
Pamela Jacobson
David J. James Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Janus
Susan and Stanley Jaros
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Jeffreys
Mr. John Jennings
Mr. Dean Jernigan
Mr. Allan V. Johnson
Ms. Jennifer Johnson
Marion Johnson*
Stephen and Mary Ann Johnson
Mr. and Mrs. Richard M. Johnston
Mr. William Johnston and
Ms. Cynthia C. Peck
Jones Day
David L. Jones*
Ms. Helen A. Jones
Ms. Ida C. Jones
Trevor and Jennie Jones
Dr.* and Mrs. Donald W. Junglas
Miss Margaret Kaczmarek
Susan M. Kaesgen
Mr. and Mrs. Edmund M. Kagy
Mr.* and Mrs.* Thomas F. Kahn
Walter and Jean Kalberer
Ms. Mary Vida Kalin
Mr. Robert A. Kana
The Kangesser Foundation, Helen Kangesser,* and David and Hedy Adler
Mr. and Mrs. Sidmond J. Kaplan
Karen S. and Alfred Kappus
Dr. and Mrs. Howard Karfeld
Ms. Marlene Karkoska and
Ms. Dorothy Karkoska*
Gus Karos*
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kartalis
Drs. Julian* and Aileen* Kassen
Mark Schwartz* and Dr. Bettina Katz
Mr. Milton Katz
Dr. and Mrs. Robert L. Katz
Mr. Henry Katzwinkel
Mr. and Mrs. Stan Kaufman
Robert M. Kaye and Diane Upright
John C. and Carole F. Kealy
Mrs. Helen G. Keating
Elizabeth D. Keil*
Dr. and Mrs. Michael W. Keith                                                                                           
Nancy F. and Joseph P. Keithley
Audrey and Robert Kellermeyer
The Horace Kelley Art Foundation
Patricia H. Kelley*
Mr. David W. Kellogg
Dianne Kellogg
Mr. Dennis H. Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. John Kelly
Mr. William Kemper
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas A. Kern
Steven and Denise Kestner
KeyBank Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas F. Keys
Ms. Julie Kho and Mr. Jeff Kho
Ms. Nancy H. Kiefer*
Ann and Jim Kiggen Fund of the Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Patricia B. Kilpatrick
Ms. Mary Jane Kirchner
Mrs. Austin T. Klein
Jay Robert Klein*
Julian H.* and Emily W.* Klein
Christina G. and Phil Klenotic
Thea Klestadt*
Ms. Bernadette Kline and
Mr. Tom Daloisio
Mr. and Mrs. Victor G. Kmetich
Mr. and Mrs.* Stephen J. Knerly Jr.
Irene Kravitz Knipper*
Mr. and Mrs. Frank L. Knorr
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley R. Koch
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Koelliker
Donna and Stewart Kohl
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Kohn
Mr. Martin F. Kohn and
Ms. Marcia R. Silver
Mr. Steven M. Kohn
Kohrman Jackson + Krantz
Mr. and Mrs. Alex I. Koler
Mr. Anthony D. Konkoly
Ms. Karen M. Koral
Korea Foundation
Mrs. Marilyn Kornowski
Mr. and Mrs. Edward Kowit
Mrs. Arthur Kozlow*
Ms. Darlene Rae Krato
Mr. and Mrs. William A. Krause
The Kresge Foundation
Ms. Rebecca A. Kress
Dr. Marian E. Krieger
Mrs. Jacqueline Kronenberg
Dr. and Mrs. David D. Krongold
Gregory and Susan Kruszka
Christine M. Hespen-Koenigseker and Mark C. Krzysiak
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas E. Kuby
Mrs. L. Fayona Kucherak
The Kulas Foundation
Mina N. Kulber*
Ms. Jessica A. Kulpa
Dr. and Mrs. Bohdan Kupczak
Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Kutina                                                                                          
William B. La Place
Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Lafave Jr.
Dr. and Mrs. Frederic W. Lafferty
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Laks
Dr. Lorenzo S. Lalli
Mr. Joe LaMantia
Helen A.* and Fredrick S.* Lamb
Mr. David Lambros
Dr. and Mrs. Roger H. S. Langston
Dr. Ingrid L. Lantner
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher K. Larson
The Victor C. Laughlin, MD
Memorial Foundation Trust
Ms. Sandra Laurenson
Ann T. Lawrence
Mr. Joseph Layden and
Ms. Mary Louise Donato
Mrs. Diane Lazzerini and
Mr. Domenico Lazzerini
Mr. and Mrs. Sam Leber
Ms. Jane S. Leitch
Ms. Jane Lellis
The Fred A. Lennon Charitable Trust
Albert Leonetti and
Ruth Anna Carlson
Mr. and Mrs. Roger J. Lerch
Norma and Alfred* Lerner Family
Dr. and Mrs. James T. Leslie
Ms. Suzanne LeSure
Ms. Dorothy M. Lettus
Ms. Rebecca R. Levering
Maxine Goodman Levin*
Toby Devan Lewis
Mr. Thomas A. Liederbach
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt L. Liljedahl
Cathy Lincoln
Emma Lincoln
The G. R. Lincoln Family Foundation
Jon and Virginia Lindseth
Eva and Rudolf Linnebach
William S. and Margaret F. Lipscomb
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Lipuma
Dr. Jack and Linda Lissauer
Bill and Joyce Litzler
Dave and Jan Logsdon
Dr. and Mrs. Lawrence E. Lohman
Lois Wainwright*
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Lomac
Mr. David M. Lonie
Dr. Floyd D. Loop*
Mrs. Philomena S. Lopilo
Mrs. Lois Ann B. Lorenzo
Mr. Brian B. Loretz and
Mr. Joseph J. Monreal
Mr. Martin A. LoSchiavo*
Ms. Kathleen A. Lovas
Dr. and Mrs. Gilbert Lowenthal
Edward A.* and Catherine L. Lozick
Ms. Dawn Luce and Mr. Bryan Nicklas
Dr. Gisela Luther*
Reverend Richard H. Lutz
Ms. Kathleen Lynch
Ms. Margaret M. Lynch
Mr. Michael Lyons and
Mrs. Kittie Kirk-Lyons*
Mr. and Mrs. Alex Machaskee
Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. MacNaughton
Ms. Pamela MacWilliams
William P. and Amanda C. Madar
Dr. Alvin and Lorrie Magid
Mrs. Maureen C. Maldonado
Catherine R. Malloy*
The Maltz Family Foundation
Jack, Joseph, and Morton Mandel Foundation
Mr. and Mrs.* Gerard Manoli
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert L. Marcus
Wilbur J. Markstrom* and
Rice A. Hershey Jr.*
Dr. Gary Marmolya
Ms. Marilyn A. Mars
Florence G. Marsh*
Nancy-Clay Marsteller, PhD
Mrs. Nancy B. Martt
Ronald and Rosemary* Maslyk
Elizabeth Ring Mather and William Gwinn Mather Fund
S. Livingston Mather Charitable Trust
Ruth* and Charles* Maurer
Ellen and Bruce Mavec
Kathryn Arns May*
Mayfield Women’s Club
Anthony M. Mazany
Ms. Donna McCafferty
Mrs. Nancy McCann
Mr.* and Mrs.* Timothy D. McCarthy
Mary and William* McClung
Dr. and Mrs. John McCormac
Eleanor Bonnie McCoy* and
Sevier Bonnie Jr.*
Mr. and Mrs. E. Timothy McDonel
Mr. and Mrs. Alan McFarland
Mr. and Mrs. Terry K. McGowan
Martha S. and Patrick A. McGraw
Patricia McIlraith*
Suzanne McLaren
Dr. and Mrs. Thomas C. McLaughlin
Ms. Luellen M. McMahon
Mr. Robert McMahon
Mr. and Mrs. S. Sterling McMillan III
Ms. Reathel McWhorter
Ms. Nancy L. Meacham
Mr. and Mrs. Mark Meister
Ms. Linda F. Mellen
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Mellyn Jr.
Mr. Gerard Menichini
Elizabeth Briggs Merry*
Dr. Terrence A. Messerman, DDS
Laura Messing
Mr. Kenneth H. Messinger-Rapport and Dr. Barbara J. Messinger-Rapport
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Metzger
Pamela A. Michalski*
Carol and Dick Michel
Christine L. Miles
Dr. and Mrs. Joseph A. Miller
Mr. John Arthur and
Mrs. Catherine Ann Milos
Clare* and Harold Sam Minoff
Dolly* and Steven Minter
Ms. Bea L. Mitchell
Mr. John F. Mitchell
The William A. and Margaret N. Mitchell Family
Ms. Georgene Mogyorossy
Helen Moise
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Moldstad
Mr. William Moncrief
Dr. and Mrs. Irwin B. Moore
Eloise M. Morgan*
The John C. and Sally S. Morley Family Foundation
Amanda Ford Morris
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Morris
Mr. Donald W. Morrison
Joan R. Mortimer, PhD*
Mrs. Marian J. Morton
Dr. David A.* and
Mrs. Margie L. Moskovitz
Peta and Rollie Moskowitz
Ms. Donna Moss
Reverend Dr. and Mrs. Otis Moss Jr.
Mrs. Antonino Motta
Janice C. and Donald L. Mottinger
Ms. Jane Mueller
Scott C. Mueller
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Mulac
Mrs. Barbara Mulcahy
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Mulligan
Ms. Alyssa Murphy
Mr. and Mrs. Brian F. Murphy
John P. Murphy Foundation
Murlan* and Margaret Murphy Sr.
Paul J. and Frances Murphy
Ray and Katie Murphy
The Musart Society
Myers Industries Inc.
David and Inez Myers Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen E. Myers
Robert J. and Arlene J. Myotte
NACCO Industries Inc.
Mrs. Barbara H. Nahra
Joan, August, and Gabriel Napoli
Mrs. Catherine Nasca
Dr. and Mrs. Clyde L. Nash Jr.
Lucia S. Nash
National Endowment for the Arts
Mr. John G. Nedrud and
Ms. Annette Wong
Edward Nedved*
Ms. Loretta A. Needham
Mrs. Dorothy J. Neff
Mr. James Negrelli
Mr.* and Mrs. T. F. Neubecker
Miss Joan Neubecker
Dr. and Mrs. Benjamin H. Newberry
Dr. Arthur J. Newman*
Elizabeth Niccolls
Dr. and Mrs. Donald N. Nichols
Mr. Thomas G. Nicholson
Ms. June R. Niece
Ms. Julia M. Niedzwiecki
Hilda E. Nieman*
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Nigro
Eric T.* and Jane Baker Nord
Nordson Corporation Foundation
Ms. Jane M. Norris
Norton-White-Gale Trust
Mrs. Elizabeth G. Norweb* and Family
Dr. Robert W. Novak
and Dr. Pamela E. Novak
Dr. Harry Nudelman
Mrs. Marilyn Nudelman
Mrs. Carolyn M. Oakes
Ms. Diane Obringer
Dr. and Mrs. David J. Ockenga
Ohio CAT
The One Candle Foundation
William J. and Katherine T. O’Neill
William M. Osborne Jr.* and
Amelia S. Osborne
Ms. Mary E. O’Shea and
Mr. Michael D. Beckman
Mr. and Mrs.* Henry Ott-Hansen
Jane and Jon Outcalt
Mr. Sydney Overall
Lauren and Sue Pacini
John A. and Dolores M. Padrutt
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Page
Painting and Drawing Society
Mrs. Dorothy M. Pallat
Miss Barbara A. Pallo
Ms. Elizabeth G. Panhorst
Ms. Linda A. Park
Parker Hannifin Foundation
Carol A. Parker*
Mrs. Carrie Patrick Parker
Dr. and Mrs. George P. Parras
Kim Parry and Chip Gilkeson                 
Dr. and Mrs. James A. Patterson
Mr. Frederick W. Pattison
The Payne Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Mickey Pearson
James Edward Peck*
MacGregor W. Peck
Mrs. Thean Pelecanos
Ms. Deborah Peline
Ms. Anne L. Pennock
The Perkins Charitable Foundation
Anne Hollis Perkins
Ms. Laura M. Peskin
Kim and Paul Pesses
Ms. Virginia Pett and Mr. Richard Bromund
Dr. and Mrs. Gosta Pettersson
Mr. and Mrs.* Charles W. Pfeiffer
Peter Pfouts*
Jeanne E. Phare*
Ms. Jennie Lyons Phillips
Ms. Marilyn H. Phillis
Mr. Richard D. Piar
Bob Piepho
Miss Mary-Ann Pinto
The Plain Dealer
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Plavecski
Leon* and Gloria Plevin
PNC Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Podis
Florence KZ pollack
Julia and Larry Pollock
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Pongracz
Mr. James Poole
Mrs. Barbara C. Pophal
Families of Frank H. and
Nancy L. Porter Fund
Mrs. Jacquelyn Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Randall C. Porter
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Poyer
Mr. Daniel C. Praznovsky
Mr. and Mrs. Harvey W. Preslan
Mr. and Mrs. Channing M. Preston
Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Price
Ms. Mikey Price
Robert and Susan Price
The Print Club of Cleveland
Stanley M. Proctor*
Ms. Sylvia Profenna
Mr. Bruno Putze
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey E. Quin
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas A. Quintrell
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard A. Rabe
Dr. and Mrs. Erwin R. Rabin
Mr. Louis D. Raffis
Neal and Madeleine Rains                                    
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Raleigh
Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred M. Rankin Jr.
Bruce T. Rankin
Mr. and Mrs. Peter E. Raskind
Mr. Jeff Rassie
Mr. and Mrs. Charles A. Ratner, James and Susan Ratner, Mr. and Mrs. Ronald A. Ratner
Tawny Ratner
Andrew Rayburn and Heather Guess
Mr. and Mrs. John Read
Ms. Patricia R. Redmond and
Mr. Doug C. Jones
Ms. Cynthia Reece
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Rehmar
Donna and James Reid
Katharine Lee and Bryan S.* Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Reid
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Reilly
The Reinberger Foundation
The Sylvia and Frederick Reines Trust
Mrs. Gloria W. Resnick
Mr. Joseph A. Rettman
Mr. and Mrs. John Reveley
Lisa and William Riley
Mr. Michael R. Riley
Mrs. Sara M. Ringle
Mr. John J. Ritchey
Dr. and Mrs. Norman Robbins
Mr. and Mrs. Justin J. Roberts
Sarah P. and William R. Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Robins
Mr. Dwight W. Robinson
Mr. Ken S. Robinson
Larry* and Barbara S. Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Robinson
Mr. Thomas E. Robinson and
Ms. Diane M. Klein
Mr. Timothy D. Robson and
Mr. George Barnum
Paul Rolnick*
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel J. Root
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin Ropenus
Rose Foundation
Catherine Rose
Charles B. and Carole W. Rosenblatt
The Leighton A. Rosenthal Family Foundation
Samuel Rosenthal Family
Skitch Rosenthal
Dr. and Mrs. Arnold I. Rosenzweig
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Ross
Edwin M. Roth
Margo and Bob Roth
Mr. Mirko Rovtar*
Mr. and Mrs. James L. Rowe
Mrs. Betty B. Rubins
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Ruhl
Mr. John E. Rupert
Dr. Isobel Rutherford
Mr. James Ryan and
Mrs. Suzanne Bailey-Ryan
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Rzepka
John and Delores Saada
Mrs. Marjorie Bell Sachs
The Sage Cleveland Foundation
James and Judith Saks
James P. and Jennifer V. Sammon
Mrs. Mary B. Sandberg
Mr. Ralph L. Sanderson
Mr. and Mrs. Craig Sarel
Ms. Joann M. Sarvay
Mrs. Diane Saturnino
Phyllis Saul*
Timothy W. and Colleen Sauvain
Mrs. Joanne M. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond T. Sawyer
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Scalabrino
Ms. Barbara A. Schaefer
Helen Charnes Schaefer
Mr. and Mrs. Robert K. Schafer
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Schein
Susan Schieman
Mr. Herbert Schilling
Gail C. and Elliott L. Schlang
Mr. and Mrs. John P. Schloss
Betty T. and David M. Schneider
Pam and Tony Schneider
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Schneider
The Harold C. Schott Foundation
Carol Ann Schrecengost
Mr.* and Mrs. Viktor Schreckengost
Lynn A. Schreiber*
Mrs. Nancy L. Schubert
Mr. Anthony J. Schuerger
Enid Schuette*
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald N. Schuller
Mrs. Miriam Schulman
Mr. James R. Schutte
SE Blueprint, Kevin R. Anderson
Larry Sears and Sally Zlotnick Sears
Dr. and Mrs. Stuart B. Sears
Sears-Swetland Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Seaton
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Seckers
Mr. Paul R. Secunde
Ms. June Seech
Mr. Edward Seely
Mrs. Astri Seidenfeld
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Seifert
Russell H. Seitz*
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Selman,
Dr. and Mrs. Eric Davidson, and
Mr. and Mrs. David L. Selman
Dr. Gerard and Phyllis Seltzer
Mrs. Harry Setnik*
Mr. and Mrs. Stanley J. Sever Jr.
Ms. Frances M. Sgro*
Elsa Shackleton*
Shaker Lakes Garden Club
Miss B. Kathleen Shamp
Dr. Daniel J. Shank
Daniel J. Shapiro, MD*
Mrs. Barbara M. Sharp
Ms. Nancy W. Sharp
Annette and John C. Shaughnessy
Dr. Rina Shere
Dr. and Mrs. Donald J. Sherman
The Sherwick Fund
Carol and Mike Sherwin
Dennis Sherwin*
The Sherwin-Williams Company
Reginald and Lynn Shiverick
Mr. and Mrs. Sanford M. Shore
Ms. Margery A. Shorr
Carl R. Siberski
Laura and Alvin A. Siegal
Mrs. Joan A. Siegel*
Morris Siegel*
Beth and Howard Simon
Naomi G. and Edwin Z. Singer
Mr. and Mrs. Norman J. Singer
Mr. Thomas Sipos
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph G.* Skala
Margaret and David Sloan
Mr. and Mrs. Chris Smith
The Kelvin and Eleanor Smith Foundation
Mr. Kenneth W. Smith
The Kent H. Smith Charitable Trust
Ms. Mary Carole Smith
Mr. and Mrs. R. Janney Smith
Sandra and Richey Smith
Ted and Sally Smith
Dr. Marvin* and Mimi* Sobel
Susan and Fernando Soldevilla
Mr. and Mrs. C. D. Sommer
Mr. David Soos
Mr. Paul J. Soprano and
Mr. Teng Chew
Mrs. Sylvia Genovese Soss
South Lakewood Womans Club
Mr. and Mrs. Matt South
Mr. and Mrs. Peter D. Spencer
Squire Patton Boggs (US) LLP
Ms. Susan A. St. John
Mrs. Harry Staaf
Mr. and Mrs. Gayle Stalheim
Mr. and Mrs. Kent O. Starrett
State of Ohio
Dr.* and Mrs.* Abram B. Stavitsky
Dr. Willard D. Steck*
Ms. Christine L. Steenson
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn S. Steffens
Mr. and Mrs.* Charles Steigerwald
Kate and Brit Stenson
Mrs. Barbara A. Stephen
Marianne H. Stern
Ms. Jean A. Stevens
Paula and Eugene Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Stevenson
Mr. and Mrs. John M. Stickney
Mr.* and Mrs.* Harrison Stine
Howard F. Stirn*
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Storey
Suzanne Storey
The Joseph M. and
Marina M. Strah Family                    
Mrs. Mary Ellen L. Strong
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Suchovsky
Reverend Richard J. Sullivan
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy L. Sullivan
The Irving Sunshine Family
Superior Electric
Dr. Ilga B. Svechs
Swagelok Foundation
Ms. Jane B. Swain
Ms. Marsha Sweet
Lewis Swingley*
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Szy
Mr. and Mrs. Ken Tabellion
Mr.* and Mrs.* Seth Taft
Ms. Judith Tandy
Mr.* and Mrs. Thomas E. Taplin Sr.
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony S. Tavill
Elizabeth R. Papp and
Cyrus C. Taylor
Mr. and Mrs. John E. Taylor
Mr. Robert J. Taylor
The Tecovas Foundation
Ms. Patricia I. Telzrow
Mr. and Mrs. Gene Tener
Ms. Eloise A. Thatcher
Mr. and Mrs. Franklyn B. Theis
Mr. George Hinds Thoburn*
Mr. and Mrs. Bradley A. Thomas
Ms. Carol F. Thomas
David S. and Lyn E. Thomas
Ms. Juliet Thomas
Thompson Family Foundation
Thompson Hine LLP
Mr. Stephen Thompson
Dr. Jerry Sue Thornton and
Mr. Walter Thornton
Ms. Mary L. Timashenka
Timken Foundation of Canton
Dr. James A. Toman
Mr. and Mrs. Mo Toumert
Mrs. Julia Tremain
Ms. Mary Triest and Mr. Charles Ross
Helen M. Troha*
Mr. and Mrs. Floyd A. Trouten III
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Tucholsky
Susan and John Turben Foundation
Mrs. Juliana Turek
Miss Dorothy Ann Turick
Dr. and Mrs. Evan H. Turner
US Department of Transportation
Mr. Jack G. Ulman
Mr. and Mrs. Mark J. Ursu
Moira and Wulf Utian, MD
Ms. Katherine C. Vail
Ms. Rita A. Vaitkus
Alice O. Vana*
Mrs. Marjorie E. Vanek
Mr. William J. Vardell Jr.
Frank G. and Helen Vari
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Vaughan
Elliot Veinerman*
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel R. Veneskey
Mrs. Daniel Verne*
Robert A. Vertocnik
Carol G. and Richard VerWiebe
Ms. Carol A. Vidoli
Dr. Paul J. Vignos Jr.*
Mr. Kenneth Vinciquerra and
Ms. Louise Acheson
Mr. George Vlach and
Ms. Diane Ahlers
Honorable and Mrs. William F. B. Vodrey
Mr. Salvatore L. Volpe
Mr. and Mrs. Tomislav Vovk
Mr.* and Mrs. J. H. Wade III
Ms. Erika Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Mark R. Wagner
Mr. and Mrs. Frank H. Walworth
Miss Peggy Wardin
Dr. Katharine M. Warne
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen D. Warner
Courtney Watson
Mr.* and Mrs. Richard T. Watson
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Watson
Raymond John Wean Foundation
Ms. Jean Bachman Weaver
Russell and Deborah Weaver
Mrs. Victoria L. Weaver
Mr. David Weber
Ms. Josephine Weber
Ms. Brenda M. Weegar
Mr. and Mrs. Scott Wehn
Mr. and Mrs. Mark A. Weigand
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Weiland
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Weingart
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Weise
Mrs. Eleanor Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Norman L. Wernet III
Mr. and Mrs. Lyle H. West
Mrs. Nancy N. West
Ms. Kathryn J. Westlake
Nola D. and Thora F. Weyrick Trust
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Wheeler
Mr.* and Mrs. Alton W. Whitehouse
Mrs. Nancy Whitman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles D. Whitmer
Ms. Janet K. Whittemore
Louinia Mae Whittlesey*
Ms. Martha M. Wiersma
Steven and Trudy Wiesenberger
Patricia A. Wilbert*
Mr. and Mrs. David T. Wild
Dr.* and Mrs. Alan H. Wilde
Mr. and Mrs. John Wilhelm
Jessica and Matthew Wilkes
Ms. Shirley Wilkes
Eileen and Jim Wilkoff
Burt T. Williams*
Ms. Colleen Williams and
Mr. Jim Persichitti
David B. H. and Clara R. Williams
Mr. and Mrs. Henry G. Williams
John C. Williams
Margaret and Loyal Wilson
Wipper Family Fund
Mr. Truman E. Witt Jr.
Mr. Richard H. Wolcott*
Nancy L. Wolpe
Womens Council of the Cleveland Museum of Art
Mr. and Mrs. Alan Wood
Dr. and Mrs. James W. Wood
Mrs. Katharyn Woodbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred C. Woodcock
Donald F. Woodcock
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Worstell
Wright Foundation
Alan D. and Gloria L. Wright
Mr. Donald E. Wright
Ms. Judith H. Wright
The Wuliger & Zegura Family
Paul D.* and Odette V.* Wurzburger
Mr. and Mrs. Richard A. Wyer
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Wykoff
Ms. Janet Yaniglos and
Mr. Clyde Morris
Ms. Dolores Yankauskas
Ms. Catherine Smythe Zajc and
Mr. John M. Zajc Jr.
Mr.* and Mrs. Allan J. Zambie
Dr. Norman W. Zaworski*
Ms. Denise Zenobi
Mr.* and Mrs.* William L. Ziegler
Dr. Richard E. Zigmond and
Dr. Mary P. Zigmond
Mrs. Mary Jo Zingale
Dr. Grover A. Zinn and
Dr. Mary F.* Zinn
Helen Zmek*
Mr. Marshal Cory Zucker and
Ms. Halle Zucker