Curricular Connections

Contact academicaffairs [at] clevelandart.org with any inquiries about programs or for Collections Connections documents.

Collections Connections

Onsite programs and all group tours have been suspended to help maintain institutional social distancing policies. Regretfully, we will be unable to offer onsite staff-led tours for university groups at least through March 2021. To support faculty at this time, we are pleased to provide virtual offerings on the following themes:

  • Museums and Monuments: Explore artworks in and around the museum and consider the museum’s role in public histories.
  • Art and Social Justice: Explore how artists have addressed social injustice through their work.
  • Narratives in Art: Students use their imagination to uncover the narrative, symbols, or meaning of artworks and interpret the artist’s intent, beyond first glance.
  • Highlights: Explore the museum’s galleries through this introductory tour encompassing artwork across various styles and cultures.

For each of the four CMA-curated themes, you will find the following:

  1. Links to 5 corresponding objects from the CMA’s collection that correspond to the theme and that have associated museum-produced audio/video. Some selected objects will be on view and some may not. One advantage of virtual programming is we can explore more artworks! You are free to select additional images as you see fit.
  2. Two probing questions that you might pose to your students to initiate discussion. You are of course invited to shape your students’ experiences as best suits your learning goals, but we will provide some prompts to get you started should you need them.
  3. 1-3 additional support resources (articles, videos, etc.).

Learn more about how to schedule self-guided group tours.


Virtual Program Recordings

The following CMA virtual programs are recorded and accessible through the CMA's website and YouTube page for use in the classroom.

  • Close Looking at a Distance: Examine a work of art, ask questions, and learn how art can frame our understanding of both the past and present. The program is hosted by Key Jo Lee, Assistant Director of Academic Affairs.
  • Desktop Dialogues: Listen as curators, educators, community leaders, artists, and others offer new ways to look at and understand artworks, special exhibitions, and museum-specific issues. Join the live conversation every 1st and 3rd Wednesday at 12:00 p.m., hosted by Andrew Cappetta, Manager of Collection and Exhibition Programs.


Art & Insight (currently virtual only)

Using a variety of close-looking activities, the program offers a collaborative context for exploring styles of analysis, description, and interaction, skills essential to medical students and professionals. Art & Insight is designed to strengthen observation and communication skills, build empathy and cultural awareness, and to bring to consciousness the individual patterns of perception that guide each person’s perspective and focus. During this time, Art & Insight programs will be facilitated virtually.  

Program Features:

Activities that emphasize experiences with art that: 

  •     Stretch familiar-looking habits
  •     Compel reflection on one’s own patterns of perception
  •     Invite further exploration of the museum as a tool for honing observational skills
  •     Reveal implicit biases

Associated Fees:

Basic Program Fee: $500 per session per group of 25 participants

For more information or to register email academicaffairs [at] clevelandart.org.