University Group Visits

Faculty are welcome to bring their students to the museum; however, the museum is not allowing in-person guided tours of any kind at this time, which includes tours, lectures, or group discussions. Once groups enter the museum, please social distance and explore the galleries as individuals or in pairs.

Please share these reminders with your students before your visit:

  • Students and instructors should focus on independent observations and study or explore the galleries in pairs. To ensure the safety of all visitors, please do not physically congregate in the galleries or gather around objects. At this time, we do not allow in-person, facilitated experiences at the museum, including tours, lectures, or group discussions of any kind. We encourage groups seeking to conduct facilitated experiences to use personal smartphone or tablet devices along with the ArtLens app and other digital communications tools.  
  • Each person will have their temperature checked via overhead camera (the staff will instruct you) at the entrance, and face coverings are always mandatory inside the museum.
  • BACKPACKS ARE NOT ALLOWEDThe coat check is currently closed; therefore, visitors must carry all their belongings with them, and all must meet the museum’s guidelines. Umbrellas and Bags 13 x 17 x 6 inches or larger are not permitted in the galleries. 
  • Use of pencils is permitted in the galleries. Pens, markers, paint, charcoal, or pastels are not permitted.
  • Entry is timed; however, once you are inside the museum, you may stay as long as you wish. Reentry, after you have exited the museum, is not permitted.  
  • The museum is not providing paper maps at this time. Digital maps are available through our ArtLens app, which can be downloaded straight to your mobile device. Read the download and use instructions.

Our entire list of visitor guidelines can be found on our website, and we would encourage each member of your group to review them before your visit.