Wild Bull Hunt Scarab of Amenhotep III, c. 1391-1353 BC. Steatite; 2-9/16 x 15/16 x 4-1/16 in. Betty and Max Ratner 1984.36

Egyptomania 2: Hieroglyphics

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Part 2 of a four-program series. See details under Egyptomania 1: Introduction to Daily Life.

Learn how to decipher some of the sacred writing of Egypt in this fascinating look at an over 4,000-year-old writing system. Teaching extensions to the lesson provide instruction for writing like a scribe and creating a personalized cartouche.

Program Format: 
  • Open discussion with students' previous knowledge on Egyptian culture.
  • Discuss importance of written communication.
  • Compare and contrast hieroglyphics to English writing.
  • Introduce students to hieroglyphics through related artifacts such as mummy cases, sculpture, and architectural fragments.
  • Hieroglyphic writing activity.
  • To introduce students to the symbolic nature of written languages.
  • To compare similarities and differences between hieroglyphs and the English alphabet.
  • To acquaint students with the role of the scribe and his importance in ancient Egypt.
  • To investigate the materials, techniques and equipment used to produce hieroglyphic inscriptions.