Egyptomania 3: Mummies

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Part 3 of a four-program series. See details under Egyptomania 1: Introduction to Daily Life.

Find out how the Egyptian desire for an eternal afterlife contributed to the ritual of mummification. Students will learn about the process of mummification and see ancient artifacts from the museum's collection, such as canopic jars, mummy cases, amulets, and much more!

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Program Format: 
  • Open discussion with students' previous knowledge about mummies.
  • Discuss reasons for mummification.
  • Explain the ba, akh, and ka elements of the soul.
  • View and discuss mummy cases, canopic jars, shawabti figures.
  • View brief video of mummy examination.
  • To understand the concept of the "afterlife" and its influence on the ancient Egyptians' world view.
  • To learn how and why the ancient Egyptians mummified their dead.
  • To be able to make a distinction between the historical definition of a mummy and the various modern myths and media interpretations.
  • To be able to recognize objects which were placed in the tombs and learn why these objects were chosen, what happened to many of them, and where these objects are today.