Museum Careers

Grade Level: 
Student Level: 
High School

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the jobs at the Cleveland Museum of Art. Students discuss with a featured staff member the projects, career path, influences, and aspirations which shaped that person's professional life. The selected staff member brings information about his or her working environment and skills, as well as an enthusiasm for lively interchange with your class. Past presenters have included the Curatorial Assistant of Ancient Art, the Coordinator of Film Programs, and the Curator of Musical Arts.

Program Format: 
  • Discuss students' assumptions about museum careers.
  • Describe some of the jobs that one might not expect to find at a museum.
  • Focus on careers of museum professionals chosen in advance by school.
  • Discuss other careers found in Education, Curatorial, Finance, and Graphic Design departments, for example.
  • Interactive discussion throughout.
  • Students will learn that there are a variety of careers available in museums.
  • Students will learn about what types of education and experience are required for various museum careers.
  • Students will learn what steps to take in preparation for a museum career.