Scary Art

Grade Level: 
Student Level: 
Middle School

Fun for Halloween or anytime-a distance learning program featuring goblins, witches, and dastardly doings! Explore otherwordly paintings and prints by Francisco Goya, Salvator Rosa, and Albert Pinkham Ryder for an art journey to the other side. Students discuss superstition in the 1600s, including the Salem witch trials.

Program Format: 
  • Open with depictions of witches from 17th century artist Salvator Rosa.
  • Discuss related superstitions about witches in history and discuss the Salem Witch Trials.
  • Introduce works from artists such as Goya, whose prints sometimes criticized society, disguised as cartoons that seemed humorous.
  • View depictions by other artists of goblins, ghosts, and skulls.
  • Discuss specific historical or personal reasoning for these works.
  • Discuss common attitudes and individual responses to images.
  • Students will understand that works of art can reflect an artist's imagination and beliefs.
  • Students will understand that works of art can reflect the cultural perspectives during historical periods.