Program Connections

Did you know many of our programs build and connect around specific themes? We can craft a customized series to fit your curriculum both on site at the museum and in your classroom. Sample experiences might include a School Tour, an Art To Go presentation, a Studio Experience and a Distance Learning lesson. Explore some of our connected themes below:

Cool Knights: Armor from the European Middle Ages and Renaissance Art To Go suitcase
Knights, Castles and Kings Distance Learning
Knights and Armor School Studio
Medieval and Renaissance Worlds School Tour
Armor Image Teacher Resource Center Kit

Ancient Egypt Art To Go suitcase
Egyptomania Distance Learning series
Egyptian Art School Studio
Ancient Cultures from Around the World School Tour
Egyptomania Teacher Resource Center Kit

Design Thinking Gallery Exploration
Gods and Heroes Distance Learning Series
A is for Art Gallery Exploration
Stories and Myths in Art School Tour
Storytelling Teacher Resource Center Kit

To explore other connections or discuss a potential multi-visit experience for your class, please contact Dale Hilton (dhilton [at] clevelandart.org, 216-707-2491) or Hajnal Eppley (heppley [at] clevelandart.org, 216-707-6811).