Currently Under Curation (CUC)

Currently Under Curation (CUC) is a volunteer after-school Arts Mastery program, where cohorts of teens in grades 9–12 curate exhibitions. Primarily from Cleveland schools, these students receive a minicourse in museology, exploring the galleries and getting behind-the-scenes learning from CMA curators, designers, exhibition experts, educators, conservators, and marketers. The CMA’s CUC program, in partnership with the Cleveland Public Library, is made possible by a generous grant from the Cleveland Foundation.

Relapse: A CUC Project
This is an opportunity for you to contribute to the time capsule and win prizes!

Step 1: Create or select an item for our time capsule.
Step 2: Submit via Instagram using the hashtag #CMAtimecapsule or send it to teenprograms [at] clevelandart.org.
Step 3: Winners will be chosen, and prizes will be awarded.

Relapse is a project created by eight CUC teens, inspired by the exhibition Laura Owens: Rerun.  Inspired by the concepts of time travel, memory, and nostalgia explored in the exhibition, the Cleveland Museum of Art is creating a time capsule and is asking for your ideas. If you could choose one object to represent your 2020–21 energy, what would it be? Your artwork? Have your fashion choices, hair-care routine, TV shows, or music been important to you during this year? Or maybe it’s a photo you’ve taken or a journal entry. We are looking for submissions for our time capsule, a few of which will also receive prizes. The time capsule will be packed away at the end of the Laura Owens: Rerun exhibition and opened in 10 years.

What to Submit
Snap a photo and show us what you want in be included in the time capsule, or you can submit a digital image. We especially encourage works of art that you created inspired by Laura Owens’s art and the theme of the exhibition, time travel. Maybe you want to contribute objects, artworks, keepsakes, letters, or anything that represents the current moment.

How to Submit
Once you have a photo of your favorite artwork or item for the time capsule, post it on Instagram using the hashtag #CMAtimecapsule or email it to teenprograms [at] clevelandart.org

What can I win?
Prizes will be selected from the entries in the following categories.  
•    Best reference of Laura Owens’s work 
•    Best handmade entry 
•    Best teen work
•    Best image of time travel 
•    Best 2020–21 energy

Prizes include gift cards worth up to $100, CMA merch, and more. The winning items, photos of items, or artworks (digital or actual) will be included in the time capsule.

What happens when you win?
We will choose one winner each week of the exhibition (February 27–May 31, 2021). Winners will be informed by DM (direct message) on Instagram. Once we hear back from you, we will work with you directly.

If it is a physical object, it must fit into our container (roughly 2 x 2 x 1 ft.) and it cannot be perishable, toxic, or unstable. We will work with you to get it to the CMA. If it is digital, you can send it to us.
For any questions, please email teenprograms [at] clevelandart.org.