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Conté Pastel Drawing (all levels) Wed/Sep 11, 6:00–8:30. Compare European and Asian art techniques in the galleries and interpret Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings, using colored conté pastel on sanded paper, and mimic rhythmic Asian brushwork, using graphite. Instructor: Susan Gray Bé. $50, CMA members $40. 

All-Day Workshop: Medieval Monsters and Creative Drawing (all levels) Sat/Sep 28, 10:00–4:00. Explore the terrors, aliens, and wonders of Medieval Monsters as a creative springboard for expressive and abstract reinterpretation in your own drawings. $100, CMA members $85.

Watercolor Discovery (all levels) Wed/Nov 6, 6:00–8:30. Play with watercolor and learn about this unique, transparent medium. Experiment with color mixing, watercolor washes, and the way in which paint and water work together to create interesting effects and textures. Have fun creating a watercolor techniques sampler. Instructor: Nancy Notarianni. $50, CMA members $40.

Exploring Natural Pigments and Dyes (all levels) Wed/Nov 13, 6:00–8:30. Investigate the CMA’s textile collection through an examination of pigments and dyes. Learn traditional hand-painting and block-printing techniques. Instructor: Maggie Latham. $50, CMA members $40.

All-Day Workshop: Ikebana Flower Arranging (all skill levels) Sat/Dec 7, 10:00–4:00. Create modern abstract floral designs by using traditional Japanese principles of flower arranging. This art emphasizes shape, line, and form. Supply list provided in advance. Instructor: Isa Ranganathan. $100, CMA members $85.

Feel the Pose! Gesture Drawing & Yoga (all levels) Wed/Dec 11, 6:00–8:30. Use the human form as inspiration for relaxed gesture-drawing exercises to hone your observation skills in a unique way—through the study of yoga poses. Instructor: Susan Grey Bé. $50, CMA members $40.

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We’re excited to offer All-Ages workshops for adults and children accompanied by their favorite grown-up.
Please note: Children under 14 must take the class with a registered adult.

Screenprinting (all levels) Wed/Sep 25, 6:00–8:30. Learn the basics of screenprinting while exploring layers and colors inspired by Pop Art. Everyone leaves with their own screenprinted tote bag. Instructor: April Bleakney. $50, CMA members $40. 

Exploring Encaustic (all levels) Wed/Oct 2, 6:00–8:30. This workshop introduces the history of the encaustic technique, the ancient art of painting with molten beeswax. Learn a variety of techniques, including how to build layers of pigmented wax and to fuse, embed, and collage objects. Best for ages 8 and up. Instructor: Michaelle Marschall. $50, CMA members $40.

Junk Shop Jewelry (all levels) Wed/Oct 9, 6:00–8:30. Learn how to turn anything into jewelry, from toys to leftover costume jewelry to laser-cut shapes. Mix and match objects to create one-of-a-kind earrings or necklaces. Instructor: Susie Underwood. $50, CMA members $40.

Papermaking (all levels) Wed/Oct 16, 6:00–8:30. Discover how to produce your own handmade paper, step-by-step, using low-tech methods. Students learn Western-style sheet forming using cotton pulp. Painting and embedding techniques are introduced to create colorful designs. Instructor: Michaelle Marschall. $50, CMA members $40.

Monoprinting (all levels) Wed/Oct 23, 6:00–8:30. Play and experiment with a variety of monoprinting techniques to create quick and fun prints. With monoprinting, each print turns out unique! Instructor: Julie Schabel. $50, CMA members $40.

Linoleum Block Printing (all levels) Wed/Nov 20, 6:00–8:30. Design, cut, and print! Explore color and shape as we carve our own linoleum blocks for printing. Participants can choose to make multicolor prints using a reductive technique or add additional colors for printing on various substrates, from fabric to patterned paper. Instructor: Michaelle Marschall. $50, CMA members $40.

PLEASE NOTE: Children under 14 must take the class with a registered adult; adults without children are welcome to attend all-ages workshops. 

Register online or call 216-421-7350. Email FamilyYouthInfo [at] clevelandart.org for scholarship information.


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8 – Adult