America Diversifying

E&I Program: 
Distance Learning
Grade level : 
9 to 12

By examining American art and artifacts from the museum’s collection, these teacher materials promote discussion of America’s national character and heritage. All five lessons, developed by teams of teachers, are accompanied by reinforcement materials specifically designed to foster critical thinking skills. These programs may be scheduled individually.

In America Diversifying, the fifth lesson of the series, students will be able to explain major domestic developments after 1945, trace social unrest, protest and change in the United States, analyze the origins, major developments, controversies and consequences of the civil rights movement, and explain how advances in communication and transportation have impacted globalization, cooperation and conflict, the environment, collective security, popular culture, and religion. Students will also be able to explain how the United States has been affected politically, economically and socially by its multicultural diversity and identify appropriate sources and gather relevant information from multiple sources.