Cleveland Art, 2022 Issue 4

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Published: December 22, 2022

In this issue of the members magazine: Chair Transition; For the Benefit of All the People; Exhibition Schedule; China through the Magnifying Glass; Nineteenth-Century French Drawings; The Tudors; 3-D Magnifies Miniatures and More; Welcome, Gabe Pollack, Knife Sheath

Magazine cover with a pastel of a man wearing a hat, vest, jacket drinking absinthe and playing dominoes in a crowded bar

Chair Transition

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s board of trustees is thrilled to welcome Ellen Stirn Mavec as its new chair. Mavec, who has been a trustee since 1991 and an Executive Committee member since 1996, succeeds Scott C. Mueller, CEO of Dealer Tire, who became board chair in September 2019. 

During his three-...

China through the Magnifying Glass

The CMA’s current initiative to undertake 3-D photogrammetry of its collection comes into full use in the museum’s exhibition China through the Magnifying Glass: Masterpieces in Miniature and Detail. A leading institution in digital innovation, the museum has begun scanning and photographing artwork...

Nineteenth-Century French Drawings

The Cleveland Museum of Art’s collection of 19th-century French drawings is widely recognized as one of the best not only in the United States but also internationally. The collection began more than a century ago in the institution’s inaugural year of 1916 with the acquisition of a luminous pastel...

The Tudors

England was a thriving home for the arts during the volatile Tudor dynasty. Fueled by political intrigue, inspired by romantic and spiritual fervor, art created for the Tudor court was among the most sophisticated in the world during the period. The Tudors leveraged fine art to legitimize, promote,...

Henry VIII c. 1537. Workshop of Hans Holbein the Younger. Oil on panel; 239 x 134.5 cm. Walker Art Gallery, National Museums Liverpool, Purchased by the Walker Art Gallery in 1945, WAG 1350

3-D Magnifies Miniatures and More

China through the Magnifying Glass: Masterpieces in Miniature and Detail, digital technology reveals the exquisite detail of 10 objects at all angles on a display screen with magnitude larger than the objects themselves. Since there are more than one hundred miniatures in the exhibition, the 3-D mod...

Artistic rendering of the digitally constructed 3-D model for Figure of Daoist Immortal He Xiangu, 1700s

Welcome, Gabe Pollack

On October 17, 2022, Gabe Pollack joined the CMA as the new director of performing arts. Prior to that, Pollack was the manager and director of Bop Stop at the Music Settlement, Cleveland’s vibrant music venue that was voted Best Jazz Club in America by readers of All About Jazz in 2019. A graduate...

Gabe Pollack, Director of Performing Arts

Knife Sheath

As for many ancient cultures, gold was one of the main materials for luxury goods in Korea. A gold belt with pendant ornaments excavated from the north mound of the Hwangnam Daechong Tomb perhaps best represents abundant usage of gold, not only for the living but also for the dead. 

During the Goryeo...

Meet the Staff


As explained by Robin Roth, the CMA’s head of production, “George Lucas has ILM (Industrial Light & Magic), Disney has Pixar, and the Cleveland Museum of Art has the Department of Design and Architecture’s production team.” If a designer can imagine and draw something, as long as it doe...

Production staff (clockwise from top left): Mark Gamiere, lighting technician; Dante Rodriguez, mount maker; and Philip Brutz, mount maker

Chace and Josie Anderson

Chace and Josie Anderson have held many roles in support of the Cleveland Museum of Art, from students in the museum’s art classes to leaders in the Womens Council and the Musart Society. Late this fall, Josie kindly shared the following reflections on how the Andersons’ experiences led to their mak...

Lauren Gabrielle Photography.