Cleveland Art, January/February 2014

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Published: January 1, 2014

In this issue of the members magazine: Remaking Tradition; La Vie Conservation; Walking Tour; Opening Celebration; Film; Performance; Education; Van Gogh Opening Lecture

A 2002 sketch by architect Rafael Vinoly shows the early vision for the new museum complex on the magazine cover

A Life Before La Vie

In 1945 the Cleveland Museum of Art acquired Picasso’s Blue Period masterpiece La Vie. Initial radiographs produced by X-rays in 1978 revealed an earlier work hidden beneath the surface painting. At the time, art historian Marilyn McCully deciphered the painting below as Last Moments, an early large...

A Walking Tour

Start in the atrium, facing the 1916 building. Straight ahead through the glass doors on level one are the prints and drawings galleries just inside the doors and, farther on, the collections of ancient, African, Byzantine, medieval, and Renaissance art. (From here one can walk up the stairs or take...