Cleveland Art, July/August 2014

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Published: July 1, 2014

In this issue of the members magazine: New Director; Yoga; Hodges Outdoor Sculpture; Stela Installation; Film; Performance; Education

Bronze statue of Yoga Narashimha, Vishnu in His Man-Lion Avatar from India with four arms in a yoga position with crossed legs on the magazine cover

Dürer’s Women

Dana Cowen Guest Curator

The Life of the Virgin: The Assumption and Coronation of the Virgin 1510. Woodcut; 29 x 20.6 cm. Dudley P. Allen Fund 1959.99.19


In addition to his work as a painter and draftsman, German artist Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528) was an exceptionally gifted and prolific printmaker. H...

Color and Meaning

Reto Thüring Associate Curator of Contemporary Art

In the summer of 2012 Jim Hodges discovered two boulders on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and envisioned using them to create a new monumental sculpture. A short time later, the Cleveland Museum of Art commissioned him to do just that. After two years of...

Remounting a Maya Monument

Samantha Springer Assistant Objects Conservator

Susan E. Bergh Curator of Pre-Columbian and Native North American Art

Previous installation of the stela in a hall outside the old Pre-Columbian gallery on the lower level of the 1916 building (currently the entrance to the Renaissance galleries)